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Since the Montreal Buzz is a blog aimed at an English audience, the Cinemania French Film Festival, which takes place from November 4-14, might seem like a bit of a tough sell. But fear not bilingually-challenged readers, this fest is also informally known as Montreal’s Subtitled French Film Fest…

I think we can all agree that dubbed movies are for philistines. I find dubbing only acceptable in kung-fu movies and that’s directly because of how hilariously awful the final product is. Cinemania, instead, has been showcasing some of the best French movies being made in the world for 16 years now. This year they’ve got thirty films from Quebec, France, Algeria, Chad, Belgium and Austria- check the full schedule here. Or, if you trust me, consider some of the films that looked interesting to me…

FYI: All movies are being screened at the totally gorgeous Imperial Theatre.

Copacabana: The fest’s opening flick is a rollicking comedy featuring French screen legend Isabelle Huppert as a free-spirited mother attempting to prove herself to her entirely disapproving and much more straight-laced daughter.

Around A Small Mountain (36 Vues Du Pic St-Loup): Not to be out-legended by Copacabana, this critically-acclaimed film stars the one-and-only Jane Birkin as the manager of small circus, who is attempting to keep her past to herself while being pursued by a curious suitor.

A Screaming Man (Un Homme Qui Crie): Winner of a Cannes Jury Prize, director Mahamat-Saleh Haroun tells the tale of a father and son trying to survive and stay together in war-torn Chad.

Lily Sometimes (Pieds Nus Sur Les Limaces): Two vastly different sisters, played by Ludivine Sagnier and Diane Kruger, are forced into close proximity after the death of their mother. Stalkers (sorry, fans) of the lovely Ludivine should note that she will be at the screening of this movie, as well that of her other movie playing at the fest, Love Crime (Crime D’Amour).

Sweet Evil (L’Enfance du Mal): This tense thriller directed by
Olivier de Coussemacq features an award-winning performance from Anaïs Demoustier as a runaway who worms her way into the life of a couple while keeping them in the dark about her true intentions.


  1. Elizabeth Sinclair

    / Nov 4th

    It says on the site that the Imperial cinema is closed for maintenance so where is the French Festival of films being held???

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