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One of the world’s biggest entertainement franchises – Cirque du Soleil – has its headquarters in Montreal, the hometown of many of its top talent and management. That’s why the city was chosen to host the North American premiere of the Cirque’s first 3D movie, Worlds Away, co-produced by Hollywood behemoth James Cameron of Titanic and Avatar fame…

Worlds Away is the story of a couple falling in love (aerialist Igor Zaripov and the American Erica Linz, both longtime Cirque acrobats).

“I came to the idea of these two people who meet in a real-world circus. She’s a young girl looking to escape her life. She sees this aerialist and instantly falls in love with him, but when their eyes meet he slips and falls. He drops right through the circus ring into another world and drags her with him. They spend the rest of the film looking for each other”, says Academy Award-nominated director Andrew Adamson (Shrek, The Chronicles of Narnia).

The actors journey through dreamlike sets, interwoven with acts taken from all of the Cirque’s Las Vegas shows: O, KÀ, Mystère, Viva ELVIS, CRISS ANGEL Believe, Zumanity and The Beatles LOVE. Cameron, who even shot some of the scenes himself perched high up in the air and wearing a harness, participated in this movie a lot more than usual.

The movie “is a circus, there are wires and harnesses, we get to appreciate the ingenuity of the staging and the costume designs,” explains Cameron. He says the audience truly feels “the experience of being in the show, not literally as a character, but to be up there on the stage as opposed to way up in the top seat”.


Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away 3D is now screening at several Montreal theatres. And make sure to check out Cirque’s latest family-friendly show Saltimbanco, in Montreal December 19-30, 2012.


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