Cirque du Soleil: Release your inner lady[bug]

Posted on April 30th, 2009 by .

The Big Top is up in the Old Port of Montréal and – although I would never wear royal blue and mustard yellow in the same outfit – those colours have never looked better together!
Celebrating a 25 years of jaw-dropping performances and ad infinitum magic, Cirque du Soleil is unveiling its brand new show, OVO, right here in Montréal!  Coincidently, OVO also happens to be the Cirque’s 25th show, which makes it that much more special for us Montrealers – for whom this company is a premium source of inspiration and genius!
Have a look at the video I did about it…
Did you know?
OVO means “egg” in Portuguese. The show brings you into the vibrant life of insects who become completely mesmerized when a mysterious egg appears in their world… But trust me, there is nothing creepy or crawly about this show!
Did you know?
Did you know that I discovered all kinds of fun facts about Cirque? I put them together on another video, so keep your eye out for another post about it.
Cirque Du Soleil
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