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In 1992, Cirque du Soleil premiered Saltimbanco in Montreal. It would go on to be their first and longest touring show: 20 years and 6000 performances for more than 200 cities in 48 countries. From December 19 to 30, Cirque du Soleil will stage Saltimbanco at the Bell Centre for one last grande finale before retiring it to the history books…

Saltimbanco is the only Cirque du Soleil show to dazzle on five continents. Over 14 million spectators have been moved by Saltimbanco’s statement, and met the eclectic cast of 51 as they tour the audience through a wacky urban metropolis filled with colourful (and talented) inhabitants. Tickets come in three versions: Regular, Premium with Backstage Access, and a Family 4-Pack (2 Adult, 2 Children). The premium tickets gets you a rare peek into the chaotic and spectacular world of the Saltimbanco cast and crew, while the Family Pack is an affordable option to take the little ones to see something special for the holidays.

Saltimbanco is a tight two-hour show that features 10 jaw-dropping acts. From Chinese Poles, Juggling or the Russian Swing, you’ll be on the edge of your seat the whole time. My favourite act is the “Hand to Hand” (pictured above). Simple in concept, but mind boggling in execution. The costumes that the performers wear are also nothing short of amazing. They’re made right here in Montreal at the Cirque du Soleil International Headquarters, and the entire show has over 2,500 costumes items (including 250 pairs of shoes) that travel in 50 road cases. The costumes would be futile without stunning make-up, so each artists takes 90-minutes to apply their own makeup before each show. In other words, to be in Cirque du Soleil you not only have to be a world-class circus performer but also a trained make-up artist.

The title “Saltimbanco” comes from the Italian phrase “saltare in banco,” which means “to jump on a bench.” The word itself is an expression of culture, clash, and lots of colourful characters. Let the Baron be your tour guide to a journey and meet the acquaintance of people like The Dreamer, The Ringmaster, The Child, The Baroques and the decidedly creepy masked worms (pictured above.)

It’s an iconic show that’s had an unprecedented run casting a spell on millions. Don’t miss them take a final bow in the city it was born in, and salut the great things Cirque du Soleil has done for Montreal. You might even leave with a sneaking desire to run away and join the circus… Foot walking is a balancing act, right?



Saltimbanco, December 19-30, 2012


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