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Montreal isn’t short on outdoor activities and sports for every season, especially the family friendly variety, like sledding and swimming, but for anyone of any age looking for something new and challenging, Montreal has the answer indoors: rock climbing…

Last autumn, Montreal became home to one of the biggest and most ambitious rock climbing gyms in the country: Allez Up. But Allez Up had been around for many years before, just down the street from its shiny new current location near the Lachine Canal in the neighbourhood of Pointe St-Charles.

With the new facility came more – and higher – climbing walls, more bouldering areas, more space for groups learning to climb, and a soon-to-be-reality dream of turning two old silos into a high-climbing experience like none other. The new space also peaked the interest of people looking for a new way to stay active (and maybe face a few fears and get an adrenaline rush along the way – believe me, I’m proof).

On any given day at Allez Up, seasoned climbers scale the walls alongside newbies and school groups, creating an atmosphere unlike that of a typical gym – here people seem to naturally challenge themselves and learn from each other, getting stronger and more adept in the process. For those who haven’t tried climbing before, Allez Up offers excellent courses for first-time climbers and for younger climbers too, with equipment (harness, shoes, belay device) included, covering essentials such as knot-tying, harness use and belaying (safety first and always!), basic techniques and getting comfortable with climbing high. Always remember: falling is fun.

While rope climbing requires a partner, a necessity that both provides motivation and keeps the sport social, there’s the option to simply stay off the ropes and stick with bouldering, a sport that keeps climbers lower to the ground (with huge mats to land on, of course) but is just as challenging as climbing a wall. Courses for improving technique on the wall and learning how to lead climb take climbers to the next level, as do personal training sessions. With new routes going up regularly, from beginner to seriously advanced, Allez Up keeps the mind and body challenged while still having a ton of fun.



Allez Up, 1555 St-Patrick, (514) 989-9656

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