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We’re on the cusp of Montreal’s fest season, which bombards the senses with more shows than one pair of ears can possibly take in. So take your time and choose wisely from May’s concert schedule which contains, among many other aural treats, Adele and Sharon Jones, two of today’s best voices…

Bon Jovi: Though Richie Sambora is headed back to rehab and will not be at the Bell Centre show on May 4, word is that Jon Bon’s leather pants will be covering for him.

Deftones: A decidedly Non Jon Bon group of fans will be found that same night at Metropolis, catching the still-heavy-after-all-these-years Cali outfit Deftones, who roar into town with their sixth album, Diamond Eyes, out in front.

Thirty Seconds to Mars: This is a band, playing Metropolis on May 6, who continue to gig all over the world because of their most famous member. In the spirit of fairness I will present two separate viewpoints… Jared Leto: OMG!!!… Jared Leto: LOL!!!

Rammstein: What type of music will Rammstein be playing at the Bell Centre on May 7? Neue Deutsche Härte, or “new German hardness”, a term made up to describe their first album, which was released in 1995.

Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings: Have you not yet seen the indomitable and engaging stage presence that is Sharon Jones and her sharper-than-diamonds backing band, The Dap-Kings? If you haven’t and also don’t go see her at Metropolis on the 10 (with Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears opening), I will be forced to renegotiate my opinion of you, theoretical reader.

Leonard Cohen- Bird on a Wire: This is pretty special. At the Corona Theatre on May 11, director Tony Palmer will be on hand to present a special screening of this amazing look at one of Montreal’s greatest gifts to the world of music.

Moonface: Moonface is the alter-ego of Wolf Parade and Sunset Rubdown’s Spencer Krug. Depending on who you are, that is either total gibberish or really amazing news and you’ll be at Il Motore on the 12.

tUnE-YaRdS: Merrill Garbus may have grown up in Connecticut and may currently live in Oakland, but she lived in Montreal for a while so we like to claim her incredible and utterly unique music as our own. Sala Rossa is going to out of control on May 13.

Miracle Fortress: Graham Van Pelt, aka Miracle Fortress, has taken 4 years to create his new cool-as-the-other-side-of-the-pillow dance/pop album, Was I the Wave? The wait is over on the 20 at The Torn Curtain (6595A St-Urbain).

Anvil: Heavy metal fans have known about Anvil for years- their debut album, Hard’n’Heavy, came out in 1981- but they found a whole new crop of fans with a recently released (and totally awesome) documentary about the groups. You’ll probably find a bit of both group at Foufones on May 15.

Adele: British singer-songwriter Adele crossed over the ocean and into our ears at somewhat the same time as somewhat similar musicians like Amy Winehouse and Duffy. But, by now, people have figured out that Adele is entirely her own thing and that thing involves some of the best vocals in the whole world. May 16 at Olympia.

Dave Liebman Group: Jazz Fest fans who want to get a jump on things should hit up L’Astral on the 18 to catch Liebman and co., who will no doubt cover everything from bebop to free jazz. Dig it.

Lykke Li: I will forever rue the fact that I got into Lykki Li about 48 hours after she played a small show in a tiny venue to a crowd that knew they were hearing something that was going to be huge. It was, she is, and I’ll be at Metropolis on May 21.

Arctic Monkeys: The group’s first album was the fastest-selling debut album in British history. Then they released some albums and did some stuff or something, I’m not sure, I stopped paying attention. They’ll be trotting out songs from a new release on the 22 at Olympia, but I do hope they play the one song of theirs I do remember…

Little Scream: Last month, I told you that you should really take some time to get into Little Scream. You’ll get another chance at Il Motore on the 25 and she’s got a new video that should help prod the still-curious out there…

Ray LaMontagne: Gentle ballads, roots rock and handsome, handsome beards? Check, check and double-check at Theatre St-Denis on May 28.

Kid Rock: You know what? I kind of like Kid Rock. I mean, probably more in theory than in practice (ie, Bell Centre on the 30), but still.

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