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I’d intended to begin this post about crepes with something along the lines of “even the pancakes are classier in Montreal”. But, in the interest of full disclosure, it should be mentioned that it was the name of a chain of crepe shops that prompted the writing of this post…

The name of said crepe vendors is “Une Crêpe?”, which translates into a simple but elegant question: A Crepe? They do not just state what they sell by calling themselves “A Crepe.”, nor do they aggressively yell “A Crepe!” at you. They merely ask the question, for you to consider when strolling by one of their 3 locations (425 Mont-Royal East, 221 St-Viateur West, 2019 St-Denis), about whether or not your day might be improved by adding a crepe to it. And, as someone who usually answers “yes”, let me tell you that it will.

There are two types of crepe: sweet and savory. The sweet side of crepes includes fruit, whipped creme, chocolate and given the European connection, an abundance of Nutella. Une Crêpe? does these very well. But I’ve always had much more of a savory tooth, so I always end up going in that direction. If it’s early, I’ll have the breakfast crepe stuffed with egg, ham and cheese. If it’s later in the day, because I’ve been out doing some important Montreal nightlife research, I prefer the pesto, tomato, goat cheese and emmental flavours found in the “Mediterranean”.

There are other options for crepes in Montreal, though none of them have the same flair for punctuation-based jokes. While you can eat in the Une Crêpe locations, I see them mostly as places for take-out. Crêperie Chez Suzette in Old Montreal is much more of sit-down affair, as a crepe stuffed with lobster deserves your full attention. Old Montreal has another great option in Jardin Nelson. They’ve got crepes stuffed with rabbit and others with Brome Lake duck, but the star of the show might just be their leafy, live jazz filled open-air courtyard. There’s also Crêpe Lune and the nearby Crêpe Mania Café, Crêperie Le Triskell and Restaurant Crêperie Ty-Breiz .


  1. Nyla Long

    / Apr 26th

    My bf got 2 for 1 coupons for Une Crepe online. At first I was a little skeptical, but I’m a sweet tooth, so went along with it anyway. So worth the trip into the plateau. Great service and even better food. Not sure how long the promo is going for, but you can check it out here:

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