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For years now, Juliette & Chocolat have proven to be Montreal royalty when it comes to cocoa love. With more than 20 varieties of hot chocolates to choose from and an endless selection of  fine and vintage chocolates, ice creams, cakes, smoothies and other delicacies, it comes a no surprise that the café-boutique (which already had “pignon sur rue” on Laurier and St-Denis Streets),  just opened a third, and may I add, stunning, location to their popular business.

Nestled on St-Laurent Boulevard, corner Prince-Arthur, two prime Montreal streets, the new Juliette & Chocolat shop just found its way to my stomach, yes, but also to my Montreal Must-See list.  Incidentally, I’m also pleased to announce that I designated  Juliette & Chocolat as my new office….

That’s right. I am no longer operating from home and moving my work to Juliette & Chocolat for all of the above reasons:

–          It offers me a spacious and peaceful environment to work in (it sits about 130 people. Plus, this summer it will have two beautiful terraces outside, which I bet, will always be busy)

–          The décor is absolutely charming  (perfect lighting, comfy banquettes, brick walls, wooden floors and flowers for the romantic girl in me)

–          The staff is super friendly and serves the best hot chocolate in town, (20 different varieties!)

–          FREE Wi-fi (Very useful for locals and tourists alike…need I say more?)

–          Dozens of sockets so you don’t have to race your neighbour to the power plug

–          Brownies, brownies, brownies, ice cream, chocolate, brownies (you get my point)

–          The eclectic Montreal crowd (from McGill students, to Plateau residents and pish-posh ladies)

–          An extensive menu that includes a yummy assortment of salty dishes such as carefully prepared salads and buckwheat crepes to satisfy that other zone of my palate. (can’t make the palate jealous)

–           And! Last but not least, HUGE bay windows that corner both St-Laurent and Prince Arthur Street, for some of the best people watching in town (ok, that could be distracting when working… in my case, I like to think of it  as inspiring!)

Oh, and a little tip? If you’re a group, why not get a whole bunch of items and share the cocoa love.

Juliette & Chocolat

3600 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC, Canada

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