Dance in Montreal: An Introduction

Posted on May 31st, 2009 by .

This may come as a shock to you, but I’m not a big dancer. I think it’s been the years of working as a music critic, where the job entails standing at the back of the venue, often beside the other Montréal music critics and taking in the music and crowd analytically. Or, that’s what I tell myself anyway – maybe I’m just a bad dancer…

But I do recognize that many of you are dance-happy and, though you might not catch me on Montréal’s most happening dance floors, I definitely know where they are…

People who love to dance can be as picky as music critics when it comes to where and what they want to cut a rug. For some of you, the perfect dancefloor is one you share with 3000 other people and one of the world’s biggest techno DJs. For others, it’s a gritty, sweaty hip hop club with booty-shaking bass. And, for an increasing number of you, dancing is a more than a hobby and you want to know where the city’s best tango, salsa and swing enthusiasts spend their time.

We’re going to cover all of this and more, but here’s a couple quick options to get us started. Try them out if you’re looking to shake things up before you shake things, uh, down.

Karma Club: Just a few months ago this was a sleaze-tacular swingers club, but now it’s a great addition to the Plateau with wonderfully high ceilings and the craziest mannequin chandelier you’ll ever see. (4467 Saint-Laurent, 514-658-5761)

Tokyo: The dance floors and terraces are always bumping with everything from hip hop to house. It’s the perfect setting to see some of the city’s most beautiful people. (3709 St-Laurent, 514-842-6838)

Zoobizarre: For the more adventurous, this is homebase for some of Montréal’s most interesting DJs and the only place that makes you feel like you’re partying underneath a castle. (6388 St-Hubert, 514-270-9331)

Sky Bar: This place is always reliable, especially if you like your dance floors a little gay. (1474 Sainte-Catherine St. East, 514-529-6969)
Photo of Zoobizarre by Miguel Matos

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