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David Usher is many things: musician, humanitarian, artist and father. He’s rocked around the country with his band Moist, won a handful of Junos (the Canadian ‘Grammy’) and has had radio hits on three continents. And we love him for all those reasons. But he remains especially near and dear to our hearts because he’s a Montrealer.

David’s newest offerings, The Mile End Sessions, are a selection of his most celebrated solo work, stripped down and re-interpreted. The acoustic album features new arrangements, “with space and air for the vocal and melody to breathe, tracing my way back to when they were first written.”

“The title of the album,” says David, “Is a nod to my neighborhood in Montreal — Mile End. We’ve been back there for a few years now, and it’s where these songs were re-shaped and where much of the album was made. Originally, I thought I’d just spend a week or two putting it together. Sometimes a week turns into a year and life leads you down many paths. The fun part is that you never know what’s round next the corner…”

I sat down with David in the cozy bench seats at Koko Lounge for a chat about his music, his neighborhood of choice and why he left the bustle of New York City to return to Montreal.




David Usher
Twitter: @DavidUsher
New Album: The Mile End Sessions (available wherever fine music is sold)
Humanitarian focus: Tree Canada

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