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There is apparently some big holiday at the end of December that, every year, seems to take a bite out of our concert schedule. Though Christmas, as I believed it’s called, does bring with it all sorts of recitals and choirs, what about those of us that just want to rock out with our stockings out? Read on…

Brandon Flowers: Brandon Flowers, the front man for The Killers, hails from Las Vegas, as his casino-themed website attests. For his solo show on December 3rd at Club Soda, fans can expect, well, basically the same fancifully glossy pop that The Killers are known for.

Stars: This Montreal-Toronto band always seem to do an early winter show and this year it falls on the 4th at Metropolis. Alongside Stars’ passionate “indie pomp”, the great Young Galaxy will be on hand to help keep things appropriately dreamy.

Rufus Wainwright: It’s pretty clear that the Montreal Buzz loves the Wainwrights. For this show on the 7th at Theatre St-Denis, you get the clan’s prodigal son, Rufus, performing solo, drawing largely from his most recent release, All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu.

Rammstein: Sure, November might have had a Gwar concert, but, on December 9th, the certifiably insane/awesome German metal band Rammstein prepare to destroy the Bell Centre.

Tricky : The one-time Massive Attack member went out on his own in the mid-90s and basically created his own genre of dark, punk and dub-heavy trip hop. He’s back with a new album that shows he hasn’t any of that slow-burning fire and remains even more difficult to categorize. He plays Club Soda on the 11th.

Joe Satriani: Like Rammstein, Satriani does play the guitar. But this Grammy-nominated guitarist, whose collaboration resume includes whose-who of musical legends, plays instrumental rock, so that’s about where the Rammstein connection ends. Rock out on December 12th at Metropolis

Dweezil Zappa: Holidays are all about family, so what better than a son making money off- sorry, that’s not right- I mean, paying tribute to his father, the great Frank Zappa, on the 14th at Metropolis.

Beast: If your December needs a fortifying shot before everything goes all family-time on you, the Montreal-based practitioners of “trip rock” have a massive show on the Dec 16th at Metropolis that might just fit the bill.

Broken Social Scene: When Toronto’s sprawling rock collective leave their own solo projects to join up and play together again, like they are on December 18th at Metropolis, you never know you’ll end up seeing on stage. But odds are it will be good.

S. Carey: Here’s how I picture this going down: it’s December 18th and there’s snow everywhere and you’ve just finished a day of trudging around the city. You wander into the cozy Casa, grab a warm drink and catch S. Carey (whom you might know from Bon Iver and the appropriately named White Hinterland) and, lo and behold, you start getting into the holiday spirit.

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