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For almost two decades Montreal has been blessed with the most high-energy, inclusive, amazing and flat out FUN festivals: Divers/Cité. This year marks its 19th year celebrating anything and everyone under the rainbow from July 25-31, 2011.

Divers/Cité is one of those play on words that I, as a writer, could only dream of being smart enough to coin. Divers/Cité. It’s like “Diverse” “City”, which is a Montreal claim to fame. And “Diversity” is what the festival celebrates. Get it? You get it. So what about diversity is there to celebrate? That’s the beauty of this festival, it celebrates literally anything. Divers/Cité is a multidisciplinary art and music festival whose programming is well.. Diverse!

The thing I love most about Divers/Cité is that the festival isn’t for anyone specific. It’s a festival where the LGBT community can showcase the best and brightest with the whole world. The audience can be anyone with an open mind who loves to have a good time. So what can we expect from the most fabulous week of the year?


On Monday, July 25, at Théatre de Verdure in Parc Lafontaine staring at 9PM there will be a screening of Francois Ozon’s Potiche. Oh la la, a nighttime movie in a park? How romantic! Find someone to cuddle up with and enjoy one of the most acclaimed French movies of the year. It will be presented in the original French version with English subtitles.

[FLEXX] 7 long years with no Flexx has been torture for most Divers/Cité fans. However, finally it makes a triumphant return to Places de Arts on Tuesday July 26. Flexx is a dance night featuring two exceptional choreographers. Daniel Léveillé will present Amor, Acide et Noix starting at 7PM, followed by the incomparable Dave St. Pierre with his Un Peu de Tendresse, Bordel de Merde! at 9:30 PM. Dave St-Pierre is known as the enfant terrible of dance and is famous for his bold approach to sexuality and gender. Tickets are $30 for Léveillé and $50 for St-Pierre or $75 for a combo ticket. Should be one provocative night!


1, Boulevard des Reves finds a new home this year on Rue Berri! 1, Boulevard des Reves is Quebec’s longest running variety show and promises to keep on topping itself as it has been doing for the past 18 years! This year will include a massive screen and 16 artists artists old and new performing. Mistress Barbara, living legend Joey Arias, and Marie Carmen! Sounds like the boulevard to my reves!

[NEW SOCIETY] If you like supporting friends, and dancing to world class DJs then NEW SOCIETY (Friday, July 29) is for you. Located on the Scene Loto-Quebec Stage on Rue Berri, NEW SOCIETY will start when the 400 participants of the Friends for Life Bike Rally enter Montreal after their 600 KM trek from Toronto- come and cheer them at the finish line for all the money they raised for HIV/AIDS. Then the party starts when Omar El Gamal starts DJing. Followed by Marcel Woods, Bobina and Mischa Daniels. Dancing outdoors is something I do anyways, so the fact I finally have an official place for this to happen legally makes me very happy.


Trivia: Where is the biggest, most extravagant annual drag spectacular held every year? If you fail this question, go sit in a corner for 14 years. Because that’s how long MASCARA has been dazzling Montreal’s Divers/Cité. Like always this is Mado‘s gift to the city she loves and calls home. This year you can expect: Glee and So You Think You Can Dance, Kylie and Gaga, plus Divas, Egos and lots of tucking! The biggest Drag blow-out of the year is at Scene Telus on Rue Berri on Saturday, July 30 at 8 PM. This ain’t no amateur night, these Queens are professional and they will (in the wise words of RuPaul) LIPSYNC FOR THEIR LIVES!


Ok, so basically the entire week is going to be jam-packed with “spectaculars” but the final GRAND DANSE and the GRAND BAL is the most spectacular of all the spectaculars. LE GRAND DANSE starts at 2PM on The Telus Stage on Berri. Le Grand Danse is the big big event, attracting 25000 partiers!At Parc Emilie-Gamlein on the Loto-Quebec Stage at 3 PM will be Le Grand Bal featuring DJ Frigid, Beat the Drum (variety show of drag queens, singers, and dancers) the Boogie Wonder Band, and many more. Culminating at 9:30PM when world  famous drag queen and celebrity impersonator Jimmy Moore does Lady GaGa! For a 5 dollar donation, you can experience the final fabulous evening of one fabulous festival.

I’ve only barely scraped the surface of all the programming, concerts, and events happening at D/C 2011. Make sure to check out the website to explore all the amazing options. From free to family-friendly, there really is something to enjoy for every walk of life. Hope to see you all at Divers/Cité celebrating all the diversity that this diverse city has to offer!



Divers/Cité 2011, July 25-31, 2011


  1. jacques

    / Aug 17th

    pourquoi pas l,avoir faite dans le village la parade.Pas beaucoup de clubs qui on investie cette année oupss.je ne comprend pas pourquoi la parade a fini a sanguinet ou es le village la dedans.quoi il avait tu du monde a gaté dans se coin la quoi

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