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One of the biggest LGBT parties of the year in Montreal is just around the corner.

After nearly 20 years of celebrating the best of gay culture, music and art, Divers/Cité has another stellar line up of performers set to seduce the city from July 26 until August 1.

And you, of course, are invited.

Here are some of the highlights from the 2010 Divers/Cité programme:

[mascara] Montreal’s own Queen of Drag will host the 13th edition of this epic production. The event is famous for the dancing, the costumes and the snark-a-licious quips of Mado – a true Montreal institution.

[lesbomonde] An event for the ladies. Featuring House and R & B, featuring DJs from England and Toronto.

[sister sledge] The gals that brought us the ultimate gay anthem, “We Are Family,” will be on the Divers/Cité stage at 10 PM on August 1.

[lady bunny & joey arias] An evening entitled Cabaret New York will feature these two iconic Drag Queens flirtatiously sharing their talents.

[la grand danse] A 10-hour non-stop dance party, considered the largest free outdoor dance event in North America. Don’t miss it!

[ana paula] The Brazilian spinstress will close off the festival at Stereo at the D/C Ball.


Here’s a peak at their 30 second video teaser…

If you’re planning on traveling from Toronto or Kingston, why not ride the Gay Train? Rainbow High Vacations and conXity.com have teamed up with Via Rail for a fun deal that includes a free drink and a $10 donation to a local Pride organization with every ticket sold. Brilliant!



Where to Stay: The Hotel Gouverneur has a special Divers/Cité rate. Take advantage of that!

Where to Eat: The gay village will be full of options. Check out this Village Culinary Tour that highlights some of the best eating in the gayborhood.

What else to Do: If you’re a sucker for indie music, the Osheaga Festival will also be happening the same weekend!


  1. Queer Webmaster

    / Jul 29th

    Hi Daniel,
    I don’t know if you’ve seen the old version of QueerMontreal.info, but version 2 is up and new and improved. It lists all bars, restos, boutiques and places to stay in the Gay Village plus more. Searchable maps, review a place, and Amherst is included, too. See you soon!

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