Drink in Montreal: an Introduction

Posted on May 5th, 2009 by .

Montreal has no shortage of places to have a drink. On some streets, like St-Laurent or St-Denis, you can’t move more than 5 feet without finding somewhere to grab a beer, enjoy an expertly-mixed cocktail or relax with a fine bottle of wine and some friends.

But in a city with so many options, sometimes you need some help finding the perfect liquid accompaniment to your mood. Are you looking for a swanky patio where the drinks are as beautiful as the clientele? Are you in the mood for a quiet corner to hole up with a locally made pint of beer? Is it mid-afternoon, just before going out or late enough that you’re looking for just one more before shutting it down?

As Montreal’s Nightlife Insider, I’ve been doing rigorous field-testing of the best this cities’ bartenders have to offer. For scientific purposes, of course. As part of an on-going series called (quite cleverly, according to me) Drink in Montreal, I’ll be sharing with you some of my favorite places for drinks in this city. While we will cover some of the cities most famous watering holes, the real focus will be on some of the hidden spots the guidebooks don’t know about.

Stay tuned…

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