Drink in Montreal: the 5-à-7 explained

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Simply put, a 5-à-7 is happy hour à la Montréal, but everything sounds (and often is) a little classier in French. A 5-à-7 does generally start at 5pm, but many go much later than 7pm, especially if they’re good. They are a treasured after-work tradition in Montreal, though it should be noted that the “work” part is entirely optional. Being a city of a 1000 options, Montréal has got a variation on the early drinks and food theme to fit with whatever mood you find yourself in…

I’ll be covering all kinds of 5-à-7s in the Drink in Montreal series, but to kick it off we spent a little time at Le Local in Old Montréal…

The sleek and sophisticated Le Local is a perfect example of the Europe-meets-New York aesthetic that makes Montréal’s Old Port such a great, distinctive place to spend an evening. High ceilings and beautiful people. Cozy corners and a sprawling terrace. High class that’s a bit relaxed. Le Local is a favored destination to come with a group of friends for a long lavish meal, but it’s also perfectly suited for sipping drinks as you ponder where the night might take you.

Montreal has ongoing 5-à-7 events suited for any taste. There’s the upscale cocktails and people-watching 5-à-7. For the foodie crowd there’s the amuse-bouche (French for appetizer, again with the class) 5-à-7. There’s the wine-tasting (and pairing) 5-à-7, and naturally there’s the straight-up beer-and-wings 5-à-7. And finally, there’s the vernissage (art opening) 5-à-7, a real favorite of Montrealers of all kinds, and not just because the food and wine is often free.

As previously mentioned, there’s a 5-à-7 in Montreal for every taste, but during the Drink in Montréal series we’ll focus on some of the ones that Montrealers themselves love to attend. Because, in a city that loves to socialize, sometimes you just can’t wait till 9pm…

Le Local 740 William Street 514-397-7737 Le Local

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