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Remember last February when they said the groundhog saw its shadow and we’d have 6 more weeks of winter? Well, the groundhog lied.

Spring has sprung my friends! And in Montreal, that means one thing: Terraces!

Perhaps the groundhog didn’t mean to fool you. Perhaps the groundhog fooled itself by mistaking the shadow of this glass of rosé I’m sipping for its own tail. Perhaps the groundhog was having such a blast sitting with me on this sunny Montreal terrace that it got carried away and drank too much.

Blame it on the cold Montreal winters; at the first sign of spring, Montrealers take over the streets, patios as well as every inch of available sunshine. It’s one of the most effervescent times of the year, and personally, one that I adore!

It’s not even officially spring and many patios are already open! I thought I’d give you a little head start on springtime with a selection of 5 Montreal terraces!

1) Santropol Café

Neighbourhood: Plateau Mont-Royal

Vibe: Eco-friendly, community oriented, urban garden patio, plenty of flowers, trees and the occasional singing bird. No smoking (depending on your waiter and how good you can hide a smoke under a table).

Highlights: Great selection of teas, sandwich-soup combos, good vegetarian/vegan selection .

Where: 3990 Saint-Urbain Street (corner Duluth), Montreal, H2W 1T7, (514) 842-3110 (map)

2) Reservoir

Neighbourhood: Plateau Mont-Royal

Vibe: Unpretentious and actual, eclectic crowd. Patio is on the second floor, overlooking Duluth Street. No smoking.

Highlights: Beers, snacks, cheese plates, lunch and brunch .

Where: 9 Duluth East (corner St-Laurent Blvd), Montreal, H2T 3L4, (514) 849-7779 (map)

3) Club Social

Neighbourhood: Mile End

Vibe: Neighbourhood Café, sunny terrace until late afternoon. Smoking allowed. Artsy fartsy. Perfect for lounging on the weekends and meeting interesting locals.

Highlights: Espresso, Café Lattes

Where: 180, rue Saint-Viateur, Montreal, (514) 495-0114 (map)

3) Plan B

Neighbourhood: Plateau Mont-Royal

Vibe: Narrow patio that fits plenty of trendy French Canadians. Open till 3am

Highlights: Extensive bar menu, including a wide selection of beers, ports, aperitifs, whiskies and more. Little snacks to munch on including almonds, olives, goat cheese

Where: 327  Mont-Royal Avenue East, Montreal, QC H2T 1P8, (514) 845-6060, (map)

4) Verses Sky

Neighbourhood: Old Montreal

Vibe: Sublime rooftop deck at Hotel Nelligan, seats 100, comes with sunsets, a bunch of beautiful people and inspiring views of the St-Laurent River and Old Montreal. Smoking.

Highlights: Clear Sangria made of sparkling wine, white cranberry juice and lychees. Crab cakes are also worth a try.

Where: 100 St-Paul Street West, Montreal, H2Y 1Z3, (514) 788-4000 (map)

5) La Croissanterie

Neighbourhood: Outremont

Vibe: A bit bourgeois, a bit laid-back, a French bistro, a local favourite. Better not be in a rush.

Highlights:  Going for a late petit-déjeûner on the weekend. Or, any other day of the week, because it’s that enjoyable.

Where: 5200 Rue Hutchison (corner Fairmount), Outremont, H2V 4B3, (514) 278-6567 (map)


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    / Mar 19th

    Y a Eva sur la photo…

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    On St Laurent Street in little Italy, for beer lovers: Vice versa Terrasse


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