Era Vintage: A Shopping Haven

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Let’s face it. You have to be in the mood to shop for vintage. You need to focus, your attention unwavering and your fashion radar on full throttle. Sifting through piles of clothes takes a lot of energy – especially when it smells of mothballs.
But what if vintage clothes always looked – and smelled – like roses? That’s what fashionista-pioneer Élaine Léveillée had in mind when setting up Era Vintage.
Era Vintage feels like a giant closet. Better yet, a candy store. The items are placed by colour on distinctive racks, suspended to the ceiling and just waiting to be tried on. And let me assure you, the dressing rooms are fully equipped with long mirrors – don’t you hate places where there are no mirrors in the cabins? Like you really want to find out just how flattering those jeans are in front of everybody. Geez!
Thankfully, Elaine thought of that. She thinks of everything. She has even included a little mirror on a string in each of the dressing rooms, so you can see what you look like from the back.
Her attention to detail is also reflected in the clothes, which are carefully selected, dry-cleaned and repaired. The great thing about ERA is that there is something for everyone and for all occasions. Be it a dress from the 20s or the 70s, a purse or a pair of shoes, all items are timeless, unique and trendy at the same time.
And finally, the added touch you might appreciate the most: Elaine offers great advice. As a fashion guru, stylist and ex-fashion publicist, she’ll give you tips on how to look your greatest. Plus, there’s an in-store seamstress who can tailor your picks to your exact dimensions for a very affordable price.
Check out my Era Vintage Album for more!
Era Vintage
1800 Notre-Dame West


  1. Jean-Guy Dugas

    / Dec 16th

    je me demande si vous avez des crinolines, style années 50, au magasin, une grandeur ou large à la la taille.


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