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Listen closely ladies! If you’re looking for something amusing and unique to do in Montreal, I have the most perfect suggestion for you!

How about making perfume?

Essence Workshop, a brand new service offered in Montreal, allows you to create your very own fragrance, AND – catch this- they come to you, wherever you are in the city! Hands down greatest thing since pizza delivery.

Essence Workshop was created by  two amazing women – entrepreneur and international model Ruby Brown, and French chemist, Marion Maire. Having both lived in Europe for many years, Ruby and Marion have developed a very authentic passion for the sensuous world of perfumery.

Picture this : you and your girlfriends hanging out in your hotel room making your very own fragrance from the world’s finest essences. First, Ruby will introduce you to the olfactory world of essences: how is a perfume composed, what are the different categories of essences, how (and where) should one apply perfume, etc.

Then, you will get to smell and choose your favorite essences, mark them on a paper and see how they blend together. The chemist, Marion, will then help you mix and dose the different essences.

At the end of the process you’ll leave with your 50 ml of eau de parfum, which is stored in EW’s database so you can even order more bottles when you run out!



(O) 514 – 564-7240

(C) 514 – 812-6712


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