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MUTEK, Festival international

Happening: May 27th, 2015 to May 31st, 2015
What: Cutting Edge, Events & Festivals

An annual gathering dedicated to emerging forms of electronic music and sound design in the era of new technologies.

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Innovative Electronic Music and Art at Mutek 2015

Posted on May 12, 2015 by .

Body, mind and music meet at Mutek once again, as the festival encapsulates the heart of innovative electronic music and high-tech visual art in its 16th edition, May 27 to 31 in Montréal, featuring a roster of internationally-known big names and emerging artists ready to set urban stages, screens and dance floors on figurative fire.

With a well-earned reputation as one of the best live-performance electronic music and arts festivals in the world, Mutek 2015 continues the festival’s focus on true originality, impressive real-time experiences and creating an inclusive festival environment where artists and audiences easily mingle. A key player in the city-wide Digital Spring arts and cultural program, Mutek this year features over 100 artists and several world, North American and Canadian premieres, with both paid and totally free shows held at the chic Musée d’art contemporain, outside in the sun at Place des Arts and at top music venue Métropolis.

Mutek_2015_Biederman_rainbowFans of electronic visual art with a music-minded bent flock to Mutek’s immersive A/Visions evening series, though late-night Nocturnes and Métropolis club events almost always sport jaw-dropping visuals too. Daytime events in the outdoor Experience program groove to accessible beats for both fans and passers-by, while the free-entry Play series gives emerging and established artists a chance to experiment in unique ways throughout the night.

Mutek_2015_Jaar_CrowdFor electronic music fans, some names stand out right away in the Mutek 2015 program – artists who experiment with the vast realm of techno music from ambient to house, masters of analog and digital machines, creators of the latest sounds that still pay homage to electronic music history. Among the many coming to the festival with new live sets or audio-visual spectacles, check out Andy Stott, Atom™ (Uwe Schmidt) & Tobias, James Holden, John Tejada, Richard Devine, Pole, Mathew Johnson, Lucy, Sherwood & Pinch, Fumiya Tanaka, Ten Walls, Rrose, Steffi and Tyondai Braxton.

Mutek_2015_HerndonAlong with such known entities in the electronic music world comes a barrage of underground and emerging artists carefully curated by Mutek’s expert programmers. In fact, making musical discoveries is one of the most exciting parts of the festival: hear your new favourite sound one night on the dance floor, see mind-blowing visual art on screen, and find out why Montréal is renowned for its globetrotting DJs as local talent – don’t miss P. Trafford, Cobblestone Jazz, Boundary, Maotik & Metametric, Martin Messier, Stärker and more – mixes with artists from around the world at Mutek.

Mutek, 16th edition, May 27 to 31, 2015


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