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Montreal is a huge draw for LGBT tourists because of our eclectic Gay Village and our world-renowned Gay festivals, Divers/Cité and Pride. However, as Montreal is one of the most diverse and accepting cities in the world, every festival around Montreal this summer has a little gay in it…

So come one, come all to every festival this great city can offer (a little festanimal told me there are over 100!). Whether you’re gay, straight, bi or otherwise, these festivals are for everyone! However if you’re gay, it’s sometimes fun to see other gay things at not specifically gay events. You follow? So here is a guide to a few gay things at Montreal’s summer festivals!

[Jazz Festival] For the International Jazz Festival of Montreal 32nd edition there will be 800 concerts, 600 activities, 3000 musicians, 9 outdoor stages and 1 power lesbian. You guessed it, the world’s original lesbian k.d. lang is set to take the stage at Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on Monday, June 27. Oh k.d., I will never forget that you were my first Gay leader before Ellen oh-so-shamelessly snatched that crown off your glorious mop of hair. Food for thought: Is it k.d. lang that looks like a middle aged Daniel Radcliffe, or is it Daniel Radcliff that looks like a young k.d. lang? Think about it.

OK, I’m not saying Prince is gay. I’m totally not. He’s obviously a very straight man. But you can’t have a song called Purple Rain and then dress in a sequined suit complete with Victorian neck collar and not at least be mentioned here. In a last minute addition to Jazz Fest, Prince will be performing at Metropolis on June 24 and 25 in what should be a couple of very intimate evenings given the size of the venue. Quick question: when did Prince become Prince again and not the Artist Formerly Known as Prince?

Pink Martini will also be playing Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier on June 28. Pink Martini is not only a name with many homosexual tendencies, but Thomas Lauderdale (the lead pianist and group founder) is also the cutest gay ever.

[Just for Laughs] I think it’s safe to say LGBT people are among the funniest in the world. So I’m a bit bummed out with the lack of gay/gay-centric (Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho) comedians at the 2011 Just For Laughs Festival. However that doesn’t mean there is NOTHING for us. For example, there is gay-for-pay Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family fame. He plays the campy Cam who has more rainbows than hair. While not gay in real life, he’ll be most likely hilarious on Friday July 29 in a show called Modern Love.

Then you have Eddie Izzard who is apparently “straight” but has dabbled in transvestism. He describes himself as a “male lesbian” or a “lesbian trapped in a man’s body”. So I guess he likes girls. But sometimes likes dressing like one as well. Regardless of these details, he is a funny guy who will be performing his show Stripped, July 11–13. What’s even cooler is that Izzard is totally bilingual so he’ll be doing English and French versions of his show!

Last but not least there is Daniel Tosh. The gay rumors have swirled, but he maintains he’s straight. So like many before him, he has settled into the “wish he has gay because he so darn cute” category. Look at those lips! I totally have a crush on him. He has that adorable lanky nerd thing going on and is a total dreamboat. He’ll be doing “Tosh Tour on Ice” Friday July 29.

[Gay Festival Season Preview] So once we’ve had fun with the gay festival foreplay, we dive right into the juicy real Montreal gay stuff! Divers/Cité, which is queering out July 25–31 in and around the Gay Village. See Dave St. Pierre and Daniel Léveillé performing at FLEXX, Misstress Barbara, Ana Paula, Mado, Lady Miss Kier and Alyson Calagna. Oh my gay that’s a lot of international names!

Montreal Pride Celebrations will take place from Tuesday, August 9–14. With the parade on Sunday, August 14 at 1:00PM! This year’s theme is “Share the Pride” with the parade theme being “3011: Odyssey of the Future”. I’m telling you all this now so you can start moulding those space body suits. I know I am. In 2011, more than 140,000 people lined the streets to watch this parade! Details for programming are still mum, but we can be sure this will top the record breaking 2010 Pride!


  1. Tony, gay singles

    / Jun 21st

    Great post. And Cam from Modern Family is awesome, great clip.

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