Exciting desserts at Newtown

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Full disclosure: I never go to Crescent Street to eat. This Mecca of flash and glamour is beloved by tourists and some locals, but I rarely find myself headed that way for a meal. I made an exception last night to go to Newtown, former restaurant of Formula 1 driver Jacques Villeneuve. My motivation? It’s now run by two new chefs, Marc-André Jetté and Patrice Demers, who used to work at Laloux, my favorite French bistro.

I’ve been following Jetté and Demers for six years, from restaurant to restaurant, with delicious results. The members of this under-thirty duo had a lot of potential from the start. So now, I was curious to see what they would bring to Newtown. We started the meal with a rabbit terrine, served on Cipollini onions and figs. It was light and airy, with the locally-raised rabbit meat rich in subtle flavours. Lovely Côte-Nord scallops followed, served with sugar snap peas, oranges and a delightful hint of tarragon.

As a sugar addict, the best part for me was the dessert course. It had four (What? I was sharing!), including an impressive pre-dessert that combined the acidity of green apples with the soft nuttiness of pistachio and the sweetness of white chocolate and, surprisingly, olive oil. It was like getting a very a sexy kiss on a warm Spring day! My only problem now is that Patrice Demers and his brigade have set my dessert expectations very high…

1476 Crescent St.

Business Hours
Tuesday to Saturday 5:30 pm to 10 pm
Everyday from 11:30 am to 11 pm

Reservations recommended
Average bill for 2 people, before tax, alcohol and tip: $80

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