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Posted on January 12th, 2009 by .

You just finished a long day of sightseeing. You’re hungry. And tonight, you feel like dinning out like a Montrealer: in a casual venue that serves sophisticated signature dishes made with the freshest ingredients. Then you notice a lovely French bistro. You approach, stomach growling, and check out the menu. This is the scenario that played out for me this week, as I walked through the door of L’Inconnu with dinner on my mind. As I took a seat, I watched tasty dishes being served to other patrons. I was in for a treat.

But first, I had to convince myself that I should try the sweetbreads. After all, roasted veal thymus gland sounded like a somewhat scary delicacy. But matched with wild mushrooms and balsamic vinegar, the roasted sweetbreads sounded intriguing. So I ordered it. And, yes, ate it. I even have proof: just check out this video.

Don’t you love it when you take a food off of your “Can’t Do It” list? The acidity of the balsamic paired with the creaminess of the sweetbreads and mushrooms made for a texture-rich dish that I can only recommend.
Next in line were perfectly plump and perfectly cooked scallops, served on a bed of earthy lentils. While this combo was perhaps not my favourite, I enjoyed the clean taste of the seafood.
For dessert, I chose a trio of crème brûlée pots, featuring the flavours of fresh vanilla, white chocolate and rosemary. The vanilla version was a pretty good take on this classic dessert. The white chocolate crème tasted surprisingly like milk chocolate, a good thing since I often find white chocolate waxy and tasteless. And the last one took me on a wild rosemary ride that wowed my palate, with a sweet, creamy start that ended in subtle notes of conifer. This is not your mother’s crème brûlée.
L’Inconnu is an address that Montrealers and tourists alike will gladly add to their “Can’t Miss” list of local bistros, for a relaxing dining experience that charms the eyes and will feed any foodie’s senses.
3807 St-André Street
Reservations recommended
Around $50 per person before wine and tip
Open weekdays 5:30 to 11:00
Saturdays 5:30-11:30
Closed Sundays
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