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If you think insects are just the neatest things scurrying across this wondrous planet of ours, then the Montreal Insectarium is a place you need to visit. It’s the largest insectarium in North America, so if you find bugs kind of terrifying, then…well, just get over it, because your kids totally want to go.

The Insectarium is home to thousands upon thousands of living and naturalized insects of every sort. From the mounted displays of some of the world’s most fascinating bugs, to bee hives, ant colonies and breeding labs, the Insectarium contains all you’d ever possibly need to know about “nature’s champions”. Of special note is their new exhitbit We Are the Insects, which presents a comprehensive look at vital these creepy crawlies are to our own survival.

But look, if you don’t like bugs, you don’t like bugs. Thankfully for you, the Insectarium is part of a group of family-friendly places like the Biodome and the Botanical Gardens that are sure to have something that everyone in the family can agree is awesome and not totally gross…



Montreal Insectarium, 4581 Sherbrooke East, (514) 872-1400

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