Extreme sports and activities in Montreal

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Indoor Rock Climbing at Allez-Up

Looking for an adrenaline rush in Montreal? There are lots of thrilling activities around the city designed to get your palms sweaty and heart racing. From rock climbing to simulated skydiving, these wild sports are great to get active and have fun…

Indoor Rock Climbing at Allez-Up: Located just south of downtown near Canal Lachine is the very popular indoor rock climbing facility Allez-Up. Everyone from newbies to experiences climbers are invited to try their challenging routes; they also offer courses to learn how to climb, belay, or perfect technique. Allez-Up can also host large groups, birthday parties, and team building activities.

Simulated Skydiving at SkyVenture Montreal: SkyVenture is the only recirculating indoor free fall simulator in Canada. Located just above Montreal in Laval, go with friends and family to experience the sensation of free falling in a simulator so safe even kids above the age of 4 can do it. Skyventure has introductory packages of 2 flights for $62, or 4 flights for $86.

Indoor Karting and Paintball at Action 500: Located next to the Olympic Stadium, Action 500 is home the largest indoor go-karting track in Canada and has the largest indoor paintball fields in North America. Action 500 has real 9-horsepower karts on paved tracks and 4 massive paintball fields that simulate urban combat zones. These indoor paintball fields are so big they can handle groups of 350 people!

Zip-line in the Forest at Arbraska

Zip-line in the Forest at Arbraska: Arbraska is a series of adventure forests around Montreal that allow people to unleash their inner Tarzan. Zip-line over treetops, complete the aerial courses, and win the GPS rally. The parks are open in March through the end of November, and more information is available on their website.

Surf When it Snows at Maeva Surf: Maeva Surf in Laval has an indoor FlowRider to simulate surfing year round. It might take awhile to learn how to do it properly, but fans of this sport love being able to catch a wave without being near an ocean. Learn more about how to Maeva Surf in Montreal.

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    Where is the place where you can off from building with a rope???

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