Facebook picks Montréal’s best Mojito

Posted on June 16th, 2009 by .

When used properly, social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter allow the individual to plug directly into the collective consciousness. They allow for an immediate, unfiltered understanding of what the world is thinking. At their best, they represent a paradigm shift in how we communicate.
As a self-proclaimed Web 2.0 guru (I see myself as a cross between the Dalai Lama and a robot), I often use social networking to explore some of the world’s most pressing topics. Such was the case when I recently took to Facebook with an important question for the people: Where is Montréal’s best Mojito?
The response was overwhelming. Clearly this was an issue that the Montréal masses were concerned with. Though I’ve been to most of the spots below and have my own opinions, for this one time, I’m going to let the people speak for themselves on the subject of where to find Montréal’s best mojito.
Joseph wrote: “That salsa bar on top of l’Escogriffe. Mmmmmm.” Which Heidi soon identified and seconded with her comment: “Mojitos at Cactus are surprisingly good.”
Soon after, Gina wrote: “The rooftop at Place D’Armes hotel (Aix La Terasse) is definitely a strong contender.”
Jason chimed in with not only a place, but with a specific bartender: “I’ll give my non-objective vote to Racean’s at Blizzarts.” ‎
Fiona wrote simply “Baldwin’s” and was quickly seconded by Amelia: “Fiona is right. Go to the Baldwin. Get a Mojito Deluxe: They swap the club soda for bubbly. It is incredible in many different ways. (They also offer tradish mojitos if you’re just a little girl).”
Marion wrote: “I had a really fancy/yummy/slushy one at the bar at Cube years ago… but I think it’s called Vauvert now? No idea if it’s similar…” Marion is spot on – the Hotel St-Paul’s bar used to be Cube before morphing into Vauvert. Thankfully, the mojitos are still on the menu.
Marsha wrote: “You know, I like the one at Sala.” (Watch my visit to Sala)
Heather wrote, with clear confidence (given the capital letters): “WITHOUT A DOUBT – best one ever can be found at the Distillerie on Ontario. $15 = 5oz. of rum mixed and hammered and stirred into giant mason jars. One on an empty stomach sets you up for the mintiest of blackouts and hangovers.”

A final word came in from Cooper, a professional mixologist, who wanted to make a point about the traditional mojito: “It’s not only about the ingredients – it’s the technique and method in preparing the cocktail, and a very clear understanding of the spirits you’re using to mix the cocktail. And p.s. adding “bubbly” does not a mojito make.”
As you can tell, there are a lot of answers to the question of where to find the best Mojito in Montréal. Social networking sites like Facebook show that, as in life, people don’t always agree. Which is great because the more voices involved in the conversation, the better the conversation. Because I can only listen to my own voice for most of the day.
Come find me on Facebook and add yours to the mix.
Cactus, 4459 St-Denis, (514) 849-0349
Aix La Terasse, 701 Cote de la Place d’Armes, (514) 842-1887 Aix La Terasse
Blizzarts, 3956 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, (514) 843-4860
Baldwin Barmacie, 115 avenue Laurier Ouest, (514) 276-4282 Baldwin Barmacie
Restaurant Vauvert, 355 rue McGill, (514) 876-2823
Sala Rossa, 4848 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, (514) 284-0122 Sala Rossa
Distillerie, 300 Ontario Street East, (514) 288-7915 Distillerie

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