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260 hours is a lot of time. That’s 520 episodes of Sex and The City, but since there’s only 94 episodes, 260 hours would mean that you could watch all episodes from every season almost 6 times.

260 hours is also the amount of time fashion designer, Helmer, spent creating his latest hand-made creation, a stunning dress made of bristle, metal, beads, crystals and mostly….8000 glass tubes. That’s right, 8000 glass tubes! I haven’t seen such an impressive piece of couture in a long time. Because yes – I’ve seen it!

Exclusively for the Montreal Buzz, Helmer kindly accepted that I get a sneak peek of the dress (thank you Helmer!) during a private fitting with his muse, model Sarah Jordan.

The Specs model, originally from Saskatchewan and now living in Montreal, looked absolutely stunning in her intricate glass attire.  Personally, I was head over heels for the headpiece!

Helmer has been working on the masterpiece since last April with glassblower Jean-Marie Giguère. Thirteen other fashion designers (including the fabulous Renata Morales, Marie Saint-Pierre and Dimitri Chris) have also been paired with professional glass craftsmen and will be showing their final creations during VERRE COUTURE, an exceptional fashion show, taking place in Old Montreal on Saturday May 29. You can buy tickets by calling the number below. The public will get to choose their top three favorite dresses, which will then be exposed at Montreal’s McCord Museum for the entire summer.

See you there!

When: Saturday May 29, 2010 – 8pm
Where: Belvedere of the Montreal Science Centre, King Edward Pier, Montréal, QC H2Y 2E2
Tickets: (514) 496-4724 or 1-877-496-4724
Cost: $32

2020 St-Laurent, Montréal, QC H2X 2T2
(514) 448-9736

3981 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Suite 710,
Montreal (Quebec) H2W 1Y5
(514) 844-1352


  1. Hotel Riccione

    / May 27th

    Hi, she looks perfect with that glass dress i guess so that Helmer its a good fashion designer especilly in that type of fashion ,thanks a lot to publish this website
    and i wuold like to know Montrial some has told me that is a places to visit

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