Finger-licking good chicken is worth lining up for

Posted on May 3rd, 2009 by .

After raiding Era Vintage late yesterday afternoon, I found myself fully loaded with the most awesome, cutest, most stylish, make-all-your-friends-jealous pieces of Montreal fashion. My arms were full, but all that shopping left a hole in my stomach.
I was starting to feel “hangry,” when the craving kicked in. I needed chicken. But I wasn’t craving just any chicken. I was craving Romados chicken.
Romados chicken is the best chicken in Montréal, hands down. I will take on anyone who wants to argue with me on this one. Plus, it’s super cheap and you get a mountain of fries, rice and salad.
I’m warning you though: a bite into a piece of Romados chicken is a bite into addiction. It is so good, I can’t even explain. The chicken is cooked on charcoal in traditional Portuguese fashion and if perfection had a smell it would smell of Romados chicken. Moist, tender and covered in BBQ fumes and spices, the chicken here is a work of art.
Romados is no secret to locals. We either call in advance to skip the line, eat on the sidewalk or take it to go. Tourists, this is your chance. Try it and thank me later! Romados is also a bakery, and the chicken is served with cornbread which is perfect for wiping your plate clean.
While you’re there, make sure you talk with Maria—she’s the smiley face with the knife chopping your chicken and asking you if you want it mild, medium or spicy (Go for spicy, it’s really not that hot and gives so much flavour to the chicken!) Don’t be surprised if Maria covers you in affection by calling you “my love” or “my sweety” while throwing quotes of wisdom at you. Also say hi to Antonio—he’ll probably be flipping the chickens or making you fresh fries.
Last but not least, I have three pieces of advice for you.
1-  Don’t be in a hurry (on average I usually wait about 15 minutes, yesterday I waited 30 because I went right at dinner time). Chat to your neighbour, bring a newspaper, or just watch all the people coming in and out—after all, people-watching is a sport here in Montréal. If you don’t want to wait, call in advance and place your order.
2- Indulge. What I love about Romados is that no matter how popular they have become, the portions are still gigantic and the prices still fit my budget.
3-Don’t be shy. Food always tastes better when you eat with your fingers.
PS. Want to challenge my chicken choice? It’s on. Tell me about your favourite Montréal chicken joint!

Romados Chicken
115 Rachel Street East


  1. Gord

    / Oct 5th

    I took a visit out montreal 30 years ago. I had a local friend that used to order chicken. It came with a light gravey / Ojour sauce. This was the best chichen I have ever tasted. Anybody have any idea what this place was called? Or what the style of chichen was?

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