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Well folks, it’s officially autumn now. And you know what? This is actually our favorite time of year in Montreal — the leaves changing colors, the markets brimming with produce from the harvest and the chance to sport our most stylish scarves. Montrealers LOVE autumn.

But, for the sake of sentimentality, let’s take one last look back at summer. And what an adorable look back this is.

Meandering through the Old Port, these two lovers epitomize the casual and romantic spirit of Montreal. After this little jaunt, we bet they had an amorous dinner along St. Paul Street, where they gazed lovingly into each others eyes over a bottle of shiraz. And then they grabbed maple ice cream and strolled through the antique cobblestone streets with arms sensuously holding another. Back at their dreamy boutique hotel suite, between steamy kisses, they slowly undressed each other, and then… in the heat of passion… immediately got on the internet and booked their next trip to Montreal.

We’d just like to clarify that this is normal behavior for Montreal travelers.


Thanks to Annette Baesel for this charming picture! Check out her other stellar Montreal shots.

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