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My writing sessions at Fushia Épicerie Fleur have become a weekly ritual: to the point that it’s currently my favorite eatery/ café/ workspace/ hangout in Montreal. In fact, I’m sitting here right now.

Every day, Fushia serves a daily meal worthy of the healthiest diets, including a floral tea and a homemade desert…for $10!

The food is delicious and made with special care, using only local, stone ground flours, organic sugars and as many locally grown and produced, organic products as possible.

Rarely do I find a place where I love the food as much as the décor, the décor as much as the service, the service as much as the background music, and the background music as much as the free wifi. Fushia is a successful blend of all the above: community oriented, comfortable and unpretentious. The perfect neighborhood joint!

Back in the day, the place used to belong to Mr. Gillman, a mythic figure of Montreal’s Plateau area.  When Binky Holleran, Fushia’s owner, bought the 1944 general store from Gillman’s daughter, she made sure to preserve the shelves, doors and colors of the old “Metropolitan Paper Company” store, keeping the spirit of Gillman alive. A picture of him even hangs on the wall under the wooden shelves abounding of delicious spice rubs.

Three lines of artisanal products based on edible flowers are available for purchase for the home, bath and kitchen. From bath salt, to vintage aprons, handmade soaps and lavender essential oil, there is something for everybody’s fancy.

Make sure you say hi to Fushia’s local residents, Tiko and Chester, two of the most beautiful and friendly dogs in Montreal.

You can also rent the space (and the cook!) if ever you want to throw a small dinner party. I just counted the chairs and Fushia sits about 20 people.

Insider Tip: Fushia is located in the Portuguese neighborhood, so don’t be shy to go for a stroll and get acquainted with the area.

Fushia Épicerie Fleur

4050 Coloniale Street



Wednesday: 11am-5pm

Friday: 11am-9pm

Saturday: 11am-5pm

Sunday: 11am-3pm

Monday-Tuesday: closed

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