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Dear American friends,

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For many of you, this time of year represents festive meals and the opportunity to reflect on the blessings in one’s life.

Yet for other folks, Thanksgiving is a tired and stress-inducing holiday where you’re forced to wear that god-awful chartreuse sweater that your half-blind aunt knit you while salivating over Don Johnson during a Miami Vice marathon. And let’s be honest, the embarrassment of smelling like Fixodent drool each holiday begins to erode one’s self-respect.

If you’ve started to feel like the holiday is getting tired, you’re not alone. Just yesterday I saw a frightful recipe for Thanksgiving Turkey Cake and I thought, “Wow. We’re trying too hard to keep it fresh.”

But you don’t have to suffer through another dull, Hallmark holiday.

It’s time to consider a Montreal Getaway as an attractive alternative to force-feeding yourself the dry, hormone-induced turkey of which your in-laws are so tragically famous. Sometimes escapism is a valid (if not necessary) strategy.

When you choose Montreal, you choose freedom.

Instead of force-feeding yourself slimy, over-cooked brussels sprouts, you could be dining in some of the most decadent French restaurants in North America. As an alternative to hearing your mother’s passive-aggressive comments about your waistline, you could be melting the stress away at an all-organic spa. In lieu of the obtuse remarks of your sister’s ungrateful, Bieber-cloned nephews, you could be smoking a stogie and kicking your heels up in one of our cigar lounges. The possibilities and reasons for fleeing are infinite.

Furthermore, if you are the type that loves the retail-endorphin-high of Black Friday, the city has plenty of opportunities for shopping – many of them available in Montreal only. You could return home with unique outfits; duds that subtly and implicitly say, “I value my sanity.”

And, finally, if you’re single and on the prowl, you could even bang a local! All the things they say about French lovers are TOTALLY true.

But serious folks, if you need to skip Thanksgiving, I’m here for you. And if you require further convincing, send me an email or tweet-me-up, and I’ll give you tips to make sure your holiday weekend is full of actually gratifying experiences.

Don’t suffer. Come to Montreal.


Daniel Baylis
Montreal Ambassador

PS: Tourisme Montreal is offering up a selection of great packages, available in different themes: Girls’ Getaway, For Foodies, Fall, LGBT. The packages are essentially sweet deals that give you discounts on hotel rooms and coupons for some of the best restaurants, bars and boutiques that Montreal has to offer.

Now there’s a good reason to be thankful.


  1. Jhon

    / Nov 18th

    Even I know that American Dont Forget American thanksgiving. Your title would discourage Americans form visiting rather then encourage. Title should have been Escape to Montreal leave the Turkeys behind.

  2. travelwithrhoda

    / Nov 25th

    Hi Daniel:

    I wish I had seen this article earlier.It is brilliant, funny and witty. I would have made my escape to Montreal.

  3. Thanksgiving is still thanksgiving day. We need to celebrate it every year.

  4. Jennifer burgess

    / Nov 21st

    Hi, im the Adventurous american. Im in maine, your neiGhbor to the north…. Our th’giving tradition is to take the train to boston for dim sum in chinatown, but now we’re breaking with that and heading to montreal–thanks!

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