Fullum Pool: Montreal’s Gayest Outdoor Pool

Posted on August 4th, 2009 by .

It’s late summer and you’ve already blown the vacation budget. But you are still craving one last weekend getaway before the shackles of work and winter tie you down. Montreal is calling you. And she can be cheap… really cheap.

I’ve got a fun insider tip for you that involves some of your fave things: Speedos, sunscreen and swan dives.
It’s wet. It’s gay. And best of all… it’s free.

La Piscine du Parc Baldwin, or as the locals know it “The Fullum Pool,” is the premiere free outdoor pool, providing a respite for Montreal Guppies (Gay Urban Professionals) all summer long.

I headed over to the pool last week to do a bit of “research” with a few friends. We spent a delightful afternoon tanning ourselves, taking quick dips into the cool pool, flipping through trashy magazines and letting our eyes wonder to the latest maillot de bain (swimsuit) fashion.

Be forewarned, however, that this is a public pool, not just a “gay pool.” There are other people around like “children” and “families” (which is especially nice if you’re a gay with a kid). Yet, for the most part, the gays stick to one end of the pool and the straight-ies hang on the other. It’s like pseudo-integration. Very 21st century.

And, yes, there are diving boards, so you might want to start working on that swan dive to impress the tanned, sinewy lifeguards.

If it’s a hot day, chances are, I might see you there. I’ll be the one with the tight shorts and the wicked swan dive.


Insider Tip: When you leave the locker rooms, stick to the left side of the pool and keep walking. You’ll start to see a sea of bronzed bodies in Speedos when you reach the southeast corner. This is the gay corner. Find a hottie and ask for some help in applying the sun lotion.

La Piscine du Parc Baldwin
Fullum Street between Sherbrooke and Rachel
Monday to Friday: Free
Saturday & Sunday: $5
Lockers available.
Subtle cruising encouraged. Move to a sauna in the Gay Village if you find something you like

Here’s a little video to inspire you…

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