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What do a sexy sailor, sexy devil, sexy politician and a sexy policeman all have in common? They’re all costumes usually found at big gay Halloween parties. Give an excuse for a queen to dress up and get wild with close to zero repercussions and they will deliver. Straight people don’t know this because they are rarely invited, but the gays and lesbians throw the most insane Halloween parties…

Take regular Halloween things like spiders, vampires, ghosts, and werewolves. Now make them sexy. Add glitter, dance music, alcohol and fashion. And now you have the general premise of the majority of big gay Halloween parties in Montreal. Sounds fabulous right? Well consider this your official invite to join in the horror-glamor-scary-fabulous and the downright terrifying. Good luck…

GayBash presents: HALLOWEEN XTRAVAGANZA Gaybash always throws the wonkiest parties with the most complex themes. Each theme must be dissected carefully and fully embodied. Because if you don’t, you’ll be the loser not dressed up. Their Halloween theme this year is: Zombie Voguers Infect Montreal. Still not inspired? They provide a list of words to help spark your creative costume mind: Zombies, glitter, Santeria, occult, Bones, Sickliness, glamour, opulance, 28 Days Later, neon glowing eyes, Zombie Nuns, lipstick, warrior face paint, sequins, pearls, bloody dead girls, human flesh, voguing, Death drop, and expensive ripped clothing. I’m sure now you know exactly what you’ll wear. Time to zombie vogue for a good cause too because a portion of the proceeds go to  Saturday, October 29, 10PM, Cherry (417 Rue Saint Pierre), Presale tickets $10 at Moog Audio, Priape or Arithmetik stores. $20 at door.

Cirque de Boudoir presents: SILVER SCREEN HALLOWEEN Something wicked this way comes! A classic old horror movie themed Halloween party, hosted by the amazing Cirque de Boudoir! This is the one to be seen at. It is being held in the spookiest place in town: The underground dungeon speakeasy of Velvet in L’Auberge St-Gabriel in Old Montreal. Performances by Bella Obscura are sure to shock, and visuals by Bunnyguts are going to creep under your skin! This party is going to be the most horrifying thing in the most fabulous way. Saturday, October 29, 10PM, Velvet/Auberge St-Gabriel (426 St-Gabriel), Presale tickets $20 at Priape, Xtasy, Image In, Cruelle and Auberge St-Gabriel. $30 at door.

Club Unity presents: EPIDEMIE There is an international epidemic happening, a rogue mutating bacterial infection is spreading throughout the world, killing everything in sight. By complete chance, a bartender at Unity has created a cocktail that neutralizes the infection instantly! At midnight on Saturday, October 30, this antidote will be distributed to everyone at Unity. Will you be there? Will you survive if you don’t? Unity also has the most competitive costume competition. These gays really go all out. First place winner gets $1000, 2nd place takes $500. Free entry for anyone in a costume! Saturday, October 29, 10PM, Club Unity (1171 Ste-Catherine E.), Cover $7, Free in costume. Note: Huge line ups. People wait up to an hour to get in.

Royal Phoenix presents: FRIGHT NIGHT This is a royal Halloween bash! Hosted by Montreal Street Fashion, Hot Sauce, and the amazing Antonio Bavaro! There will be free candy, go-go dancers and all night drink specials. Royal Phoenix is a real hot bar right now, so this place is sure to be packed. Saturday, October 29, 10PM, Royal Phoenix (5799 St-Laurent), $5 before 11:30PM, $7 after.

Faggity Ass Fridays presents: NIGHT OF THE CLOSET MONSTERS This party is also known as the Night of the Giving Head. This is one of the more classic homo halloween bashes that delivers fun year after year. The costume contest is almost who can wear the least amount of clothing while still being something. I think Adam & Steve won last year, if you catch my drift. The theme is monsters, so you’re supposed to dress as your favourite monster! Here are some suggestions: Ann Coulter, Lady Gaga fan, Cookie Monster, or your ex. This is another chance to give to a good cause! All proceeds go to the Head & Hands project to help promote safe sex and sex education in Quebec. Friday, October 28, 10PM, The Playhouse (5656 Avenue du Parc), Suggested donation of $10. Pay what you can.

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