Gay Marriage: The One Detail you CAN’T Forget

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You’re in love. You’ve found that one true soul mate (or at least someone who puts up with your bull#%@*). You’re ready to tie the knot. You’re dreaming of a romantic Montreal marriage…

Before you take another step, there is one vital detail about getting married in Montreal that CANNOT be overlooked!

Keep reading to avoid an important matrimonial roadblock…From the website of Justice Quebec…

“Before conducting the marriage ceremony, the officiant must announce the couple’s intention to marry by means of a notice posted for 20 days before the date of the marriage at the place where the ceremony is to be held and at the nearest courthouse.”

Let me unpack this for you. All you homos out there thinking that you can get a shot-gun marriage in Montreal, it ain’t gonna happen. You can’t pull a “Britney Spears in Vegas.” YOU MUST PLAN IN ADVANCE TO BE MARRIED HERE! All couples must have their wedding date posted 20 days in advance, which means that you will need to do a bit of planning.

But since you are planning a Montreal getaway anyway, this probably won’t be a big issue.

Here are the key 3 steps toward a marriage à la Montréal:

  • Step 1: Download the Notice of Civil Marriage (SJ-218A) and Civil Marriage – General Information (SJ-217A) forms here. You don’t need to be in Montreal to get the marriage ball rolling.
  • Step 2: Send the completed forms and copies of your proof of citizenship ID (passport, citizenship card and/or immigration documents) to the Service des petites créances, des unions et des mariages civils (see below for address). This must be done at least 20 days before your preferred marriage date.**However, Justice Quebec recommends that you plan 60 days in advance to secure your preferred date
  • Step 3: Once your forms are received, the bureau will request a $278 licensing fee. This must be paid before the ceremony, and can be forwarded to the address listed below (cash, debit, credit or certified cheque are accepted).

Forms you’ll need to fill out:

Civil Marriage – General Information (SJ-217A) – Form to be completed by prospective spouses to request a date for a marriage ceremony performed by a courthouse clerk or deputy clerk.

Notice of Civil Marriage (SJ-218A) – Form to be completed by the officiant of a civil marriage and posted as the public notice of the marriage in the places prescribed by law.

For a comprehensive outline of the steps to be married in Montreal visit the marriage page of Justice Quebec.*

*NB: You do NOT need to “schedule an appointment with the Service des mariages civils for an interview with the clerk” as it states on the website. This is no longer a formality.

Your correspondence will be through the Montreal Court House (in English or French):

Service des petites créances, des unions et des mariages civils
Montreal Court House
10 East St. Antoine Street, room 1.04
Montreal, Québec H2Y 4A5
Phone: (514)393-2113
Fax: (514)864-4374

If you have questions regarding marriage in Montreal, let me know. I might not have all the answers, but I’d be happy to help you get them!

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