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After the onslaught of rain Montreal received in May, it’s now sparkling clean, and full of green! The gays don’t like the rain (unless it’s raining men, hallelujah) so now June is quickly making up for lost time. Put on your best flip flops, and you slinkiest tank tops because here are 15 gay things you can do in the 30 gay days of June. (Gayune?)

1. Patio hop the Gay Village during Aires Libres

Every single bar, restaurant, café, has a patio outside on the pedestrianized St. Catherine this summer. Literally HOP between them. Jump over one and onto the other. Must order something, and enjoy it, at each one. First one to Papineau wins a prize I just made up.

2. Bixi through the Gay Village

Exercise, pick up guys, and look fabulous all at the same time? Y’all must be bixing through the Gay Village.

3. Shop until you drop

With the St. Catherine’s closed to automotive traffic, shopping could not be easier! You work out those muscles like crazy, time to let your wallet do the heavy lifting. See my guide to Shopping in the Gay Village.

4. Go see DJ Shawn Riker spin at Parking

Saturday June 4th, 2011 @ Parking Nightclub.

5. Go to the new Gay night at Pure Nightclub

Located on the edge of the Village, this was never actually a gay club. However, now they’re launching a new Gay night every Sunday called “Festivity!” DJ Kidd Mike on Sunday June 5th, 2011.

6. Go see the “Blanc de Mémoire” exhibition

An emotional, evocative exhibit about HIV/AIDS by photographer Marc-André Goulet featuring many artists including Jean-Pierre Pérusse and Kat Coric, at L’ecomusée du fier monde (2050 Amherst, Montreal)

7.   Gay out on Fashion at the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit “From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk”

From June 17 to October 2, the work of l’enfant terrible Jean Paul Gaultier will be featured at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. From his first ready-to-wear collection in 1976 to his haute-couture line launching in 1997, JPG has been pushing the limits and ignoring status quo, all while creating breathtaking, wearable art.

8. Go see Rihanna in Concert

After fumbling a bit in her “Rated R” days, she’s back to Princess RiRi form with her new album and tour “LOUD”. Gone is the solemn, sad material and back with a vengeance is the spunky Barbados pop princess we all know and love. Two dates in Montreal: June 10 & 11 @ the Bell Center.

9.  Go to the 9th Birthday Party of Club Unity

On Saturday June 18, it will be the glamorous 9th anniversary of Village institution Club Unity. It is being called the “POPLIFE Party”, and details are scarce at the moment, but I’m sure they will throw a massive bash. No cover before 11PM.

10. Attempt to do 5 shots/5 bars, 5 beers/5 bars, and 5 cocktails/5 bars all in 5 hours

I’m not saying it’s a good idea. I’m just saying it is an idea. I’m putting it out there just as a possible thing someone going on a bender could attempt. I’ve seen the gays drink, and I know a few of them have the stamina for it. This mission, should you choose to accept it, would most certainly guarantee you a cookie that I will personally bake. Get inspired below:

11.  Go for brunch on Amherst

After completing task #10, you might want to eat brunch to make you feel a little less close to death. Try “De Farine et D’eau Fraiche” (1701 Amherst) or l’Ouefrier (1441 Amherst) for some delicious mid-afternoon food. If they’re crowded, just peruse the street for a few hidden gems! Or maybe all you’ll be able to stomach is Liquid Nutrition…

12. Check out the views of the Gay Village

Seeing some cool rooftop terraces of the Gay Village is a must. Drugstore, Sky and Unity all have incredible rooftop views of the Village, the Jacques Cartier Bridge and down into the Old Port. Hint: The rooftop of Sky has a hot tub and a pitcher of Sangria called “Le Girafe”. It’s about as large as my entire torso.

13.  Go Outside the Village and party like it’s 2012

In the poetic verse of Britney Spears: Keep on dancing till the world ends. If Britney says it, we must obey. So take in one of the many outside-the-village gay parties! Will update with dates when they become available.

14. Get your Fringe on

Anything and everything can happen at Montreal’s Fringe Fest from May 30 to June 19. The gays love the diverse performances, the accepting atmosphere, the kinky, the sweaty, the sweety, the dirty, the funny, the whatever Fringe can throw at us. With over 500 performers this year, Fringe is all about discovery. So, what will you find?

15. Submit your Application to be Queer of the Year

The deadline for Queer of the Year has been extended until June 17! They have people from all over the world applying! Why? Because you get a free trip to Montreal (all expenses paid) and you get to compete against fellow queers for the crown and 5000 dollars!



  1. h.

    / May 31st

    There’s also Stereo on June 10th, for those of us who like our tech house and staying up all night–Head Nodders is half dyke!

  2. Daniel Baylis

    / Jun 8th

    Great post, Mr. Dunphy!

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