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When it comes to Gay Travel, there is a heap of travel websites out there devoted to stimulate your big gay interests. But how do you know what sites to trust?
Here are my big gay recommendations… – Perhaps the world’s biggest print magazine devoted to gay travel, Passport is an obvious choice for a wide range of gay travel options. I love the little feature videos available, which give Web surfers a taste of real surfing in St. Regis Monarch Beach or where to get a vegetarian martini in New York City (as well as many other adventures.)
Oh yeah, I was just surfing on the other day when I noticed that Montréal was #1 their “Top 10 Most Searched” list. Woot! Woot! – With a truly international spin, the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association is dedicated to connecting businesses in the GLBT tourism industry. The glossy online “Member Directory” is a great place to start if you are looking for destinations that are off the beaten path (such as gay-friendly accommodation in Bulgaria). The annual convention provides a rich opportunity for networking and learning. – Ever wondered how to say “muff-diver” in German? Well now you can learn. With regular updates on what is happening globally for lesbians, dykes and bent females, is a stellar place to learn about lez-friendly destinations and terminology in other languages with the “Audio Translations” feature. Browse by city tags or meander through the chronological list of world events. In a gay travel world that is disproportionately marketed towards the males, it’s good to know that is representin’.– Part of the massive gay media machine that produces Out Magazine and The Advocate (Regent Entertainment), is loaded with ideas for travelers. With informative polls and the opportunity to “Ask the Expert”, you’ll be sure to gain insight on multiple travel options.
Click here to watch the fun video of Montréal (with a perfect quote: “Canadians don’t talk about freedom, they just do it”) – I love, there’s just so much information; it’s like the glossier and more interactive Wikipedia. The gay travel section is jam packed with info, as well as home to the blog of adorable and informative Andrew Collins. Other sections such as “Budget Travel” or “Spas” feature tips, photos to browse, and sound advice for both veteran and rookie travelers.
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