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The Gorillaz story starts with Damon Albarn and his group Blur, who were one of the big names in the Britpop invasion of the 1990s…

Towards the end of that decade he teamed up with the cartoonist Jamie Hewlett, perhaps best known for his comic book, Tank Girl. With Albarn as the group’s only permanent musical member, they created a cartoon band: 2D on vocals and keyboard, Murdoc Niccals on bass, Noodle on guitar and Russel Hobbs on percussion. The music that this motley cast of cartoons created on their wildly successful self-titled debut ran the gamut from alt rock to hip hop, dub to pop music. The success continued with 2005’s Demon Days and their most recent album, Plastic Beach, was an album filled with so many great songs that it was clear that this was no novelty group…

But even so, when pondering whether or not you should get a ticket to see Gorillaz on October 3rd in Montreal at the Bell Centre, you might wonder how a good a show this could possibly be? Well, let me give you a couple reasons why it will probably be one of the must-see shows of the year. First off, Montreal is the first show in their massive world tour, which is always a good thing. Second, though the group may be made up of cartoons, the Albarn and Hewlett connection has proved to be one of the most innovative partnerships in music and art performance- be it just the super cool videos (honestly, take a Youtube stroll through their amazing catalogue) or when the groups appear on stage in pretty convincing 3D or in the form of the totally awesome, time-wasting video games.

But since it is still a concert, perhaps the biggest selling point is that, this time around, it won’t just be holograms on stage. Alongside Albarn, the new album features Snoop Dogg, Bobby Womack, Lou Reed, Mick Jones, Mos Def and more, and given that Montreal is the first stop on the tour, there’s a very good chance you’ll get to see an entire festival of music packed into one show…


  1. Phil

    / Sep 27th

    I’m not sure why they promote this as the premiere of Gorillaz’s Escape to Plastic Beach tour since I saw this show in Lebanon in July. You can the set list from that show here: http://bit.ly/cVPoly

    The show was absolutely amazing with many of the guest stars sharing the stage with Albarn and his fifteen-or-so musicians.
    Don’t miss it for the world!

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