Guy Laliberté’s worldwide concerts from space!

Posted on October 8th, 2009 by .

Rarely have I been so excited and felt so much raw and positive energy in my life! Why? Because my fellow Quebecker, Guy Laliberté – who is also the founder of Cirque du Soleil – is currently billions of miles away, in space, getting ready for a massive global event called Poetic Social Mission. To be held on October 9th, the event is aiming to raise awareness about the issues facing our planet’s clean water supply!
The event


This Friday at 8:00 pm EDT, Guy’s foundation, ONE DROP, is organizing a worldwide event under the theme Moving Stars and Earth for Water, which is to take place in 14 cities around the globe. David Suzuki, Shakira, Al Gore, Matthew McConaughey, Gilberto Gil, Patrick Bruel, Salma Hayek, Peter Gabriel….you name it!!!! Artists, singers, actors, filmmakers, photographers, dancers and acrobats from around the world are all uniting for this cause!
The artistic core of the show is a poetic tale written especially for the occasion by none other than Quebec’s renowned novelist and Man-Booker Prize winner, YANN MARTEL. The tale will gradually be revealed throughout the night of October 9th, starting in Montreal, and ending in Moscow.
My involvement


I’m extremely happy that One Drop asked me to cover this once in a lifetime event, so I’ll be taking you through every single detail on my FACEBOOK and TWITTER as the evening unfolds on Friday, live from the Montreal.
Plus, my friend VIVIANNE LAPOINTE will also be blogging live from New York City, where I overheard (and this is a secret) that all of the screens in Time Square will be booked for this remarkable day, in order to showcase not only Shakira’s show but also a live space-to-Earth conversation between Bono (who will be in Tampa) and Guy Laliberté (who will be somewhere between here and the brightest stars)!
How to catch the show


Stay tuned for my tweets and my facebook updates as we make history on Friday October 9th and raise awareness about the importance of water in the world today. This marks a unique day in my life where I am extremely proud of all Montrealers, of our talent, and our creativity, as we help change the world, one drop at a time!
You’ll be able to catch all the events as they unfold live from ONEDROP’S WEBSITE!


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