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The Montreal Harvest theatre festival began 6 years ago to ensure that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans folks had spaces to perform. The festival is a mélange of theatre, music and dance, perfect for anyone with an appreciation for LGBT cultures.

This year there are four featured productions happening concurrently with the massive Black & Blue Festival. The theme for the 2010 Harvest Festival, L-Word, is based around saluting outstanding women and lesbians, past and present:

‘The Second Coming of Joan of Arc’ play by Carolyn Gage, performed by Caitie Parsons (Montreal). A production that is both critically and publicly acclaimed. Jeanne returns to share her story with a contemporary audience in an attempt to remove the myth from the coats of venire of colorful folklore that have covered ‘Herstory’ in History for centuries. A truly personal and hauntingly heartfelt tale delivered with harsh, raw and honest fervor. Four (4) presentations. in English and in French, October 7 to 10. Tickets: $10-S15.

Cyma’s Story’ written and performed by award winning Barbara Kahn (NYC). Guest production from the Fresh Fruit Festival, NYC. Wyoming 1939, the early west: cowboys, outlaws, Native Americans, and buffalo, are the images that Barbara Kahn

re-defines of the west as she portrays the world of a Jewish lesbian pioneer. Three (3) performances in English, October 8 to 10. Tickets $10-$15.

‘DV’ a creation by Jacqueline Van de Geer (Holland), inspired by the life and career of the artistically eccentric Diane Vreeland (Vogue & Harpers Bazar editor & columnist). Two (2) performances, in English and in French, October 7 & 9. Tickets $10-$15.

Pamela Pachal (New Brunswick) This mid-western accomplished musician writes and performs her own unique blend of blues & rock both plugged & unplugged in a concert with an intimate lounge style. Saturday, October 9. Tickets $5-$10.



The Montreal LGBT Theatre Festival
October 7 to 10, 2010
All shows at the Freestanding Room (4324 St. Laurent Boulevard)
Rainbow pass: All four shows for $35


Why not cozy up in a Bed & Breakfast in the Montreal Gay Village?


During the same weekend of the Harvest Festival is the world famous Montreal Black & Blue Festival. There are tons of parties and associated events, including an LGBT volleyball tournament. Dinner and drinks in the Gay Village is a must. And if you’re into terrifying and beautiful art, check out the Otto Dix exhibition at the Montreal Fine Arts Museum.



  1. amy

    / Oct 4th

    it would be really helpful if you guys could say what the times of these things were

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