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“Montréal is a place that, when you’re driving out the next day, chances are you did something the night before that you shouldn’t have…” says Hawksley Workman, over the phone from a tour bus making its way towards Quebec.

Workman, the Juno-award winning singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, starts laughing and cuts himself off before saying anything more incriminating.

“But really, when I think of Montréal, I think of a fun, beautiful place with great food. I mean, it’s probably the greatest city in the country.”
A musician who tours as much as Workman has gotten to know this city very well and, when it comes to food, he knows what he likes.
“I like some of the Portuguese brasseries where I can get some white fish, salad, fries, some splendid bread and a carafe of wine.”
He’s got good taste too, because Montréal does Portuguese food very well. There’s Chez Doval, which often has live musicians playing alongside your dinner, the close-to-everything perennial favourite Jano or, for those just looking to take-out what is, hands down, the best chicken in the city, the almighty Romados.

But back to the music- Workman plays Montréal on April 16th at La Tulipe. He’ll be playing some older songs, as well new material from his latest album, Meat, and its companion, Milk, which he’s releasing digitally over the next couple months. He’s one of those musicians that realizes that the changes in the music industry allow him to connect directly with his fans. For this reason, you can check out most of the new songs streaming for free on his website.

“These record I’ve made totally independently and it’s great to know they aren’t going to straight from the studio into a marketing meeting,” says Workman. “They can now go straight into the hands of the people who have been following me for all these years.”

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