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It might seem a bit incongruous to see a post about a heavy metal festival on the Montreal Buzz blog. But in 2008, Heavy Metal MTL attracted some 36,000 head-banging tourists and hard-rocking locals. After a break in 2009, the 2-day fest returns with a vengeance this weekend to prove that Montreal is a city that loves it some metal…

Like Osheaga, Heavy Metal MTL is located on Parc Jean-Drapeau. And also like the following weekends’ musical explosion, it features some of the biggest names in music alongside some of the city’s best. With 34 acts on the bill, there’s room for all sorts of metal…

At any fest there are always, listed usually in the biggest font possible, the legends. Heavy Metal MTL has them in spades. They’ve got Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie and Megadeth, but the biggest buzz seems aimed at Slayer, the thrash metal pioneers whose furious guitar work accompanies their musing on serial killers and Satan and such. The fest also has acts that those in the know are often even more excited to see than the legends, the groups at the peak of their careers. Like Mastodon, whose unique prog-metal style has taken them around the world several times in the 10 years they’ve been together. As for locals, an obvious one is hometown hero Melissa Auf der Maur (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins) who has just released, simultaneously, a new graphic novel, film and album. But if you want heavier, think Montreal’s death metal road warriors Kataklysm. Or Despised Icon, rumoured to be disbanding soon after this show. Or, if you’d like to get a real shot of Quebec metal, make sure to catch Les Ékorchés, a supergroup whose members have over twenty years of experience playing in ground-breaking bands like Voivod, B.A.R.F. and Ghoulantics. It will heavy and mental in Montreal for Heavy Metal MTL.

For other places around Montreal to raise your devil horns, try KatacombesFoufones or Saphire, or even better, wander down to Profusion or Freeson and ask the dudes there.



Heavy Metal MTL
July 24 – 25, 2010
Parc Jean-Drapeau
Tickets here…



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