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What a festival asks you not to bring can be very telling. For instance, Heavy MTL requests that you not bring: objects causing bodily harm, illicit drugs and/or animals. Even if none of these things are allowed, it seems pretty clear that Heavy MTL 2011 will be awesome…

Heavy MTL, July 23-24, is on its way to Parc Jean Drapeau and Montrealers can already hear the whish of hair flicks and guitar licks that this festival is famous for. Countless iconic bands and musicians like Alice Cooper, Slayer and Rob Zombie have disgraced the Heavy MTL stage. This year you can look forward to some serious heavies, like a group called…

KISS!!! Maybe you’ve heard of them? They’re closing the festival and playing for an hour and a half starting at 9pm on July 24. You can look forward to seeing the guys who probably inspired most of the other bands playing the festival. Unlike other rock gods, their wrinkles are hidden under layers of face paint, so it’ll look like they haven’t aged a day! I feel sorry for Gorguts, who are playing at 9:45 the same night. Maybe go see them for a bit so they don’t get sad. You know how “sensitive” technical death metal bands can be. But before that, why don’t you be a Good Samaritan and check out whether or not  Slaves on Dope is just a clever name. They hit the stage at the hard rockin’ hour of 1:30pm on July 23.

If only for the hijinks, musical prowess and spectacle check out Necronomicon playing at 7:15 and after that go see the hook-heavy Billy Talent for a palate cleanser. They hit the stage at 7:20 on July 23, so go watch the lead singer gyrate on stage and sing about his father among other wicked premises for songs. They’re another excellent home-grown Canadian band. Then for a real rip roarin’ time, Godsmack will guarantee that your mind be blown all over the beautiful Jean Drapeau.

On Sunday at 2:35pm, see the fine ladies of Girlschool rip it up- they’re the most enduring all-female rock band of all time, which is also very impressive. And what says a Sunday sunset better than 80’s thrash heavy weights Anthrax and the Lemmy & company legends, Motörhead? Not one thing. This all goes down before KISS closes the festival for yet another bitchin’ installment of Heavy MTL.


Heavy MTL, Parc Jean Drapeau, July 23- 24, 2011

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