Hey Cupcake!

Posted on June 17th, 2009 by .

It’s been many years since Carrie Bradshaw brought the cupcake back from its decadent hibernation. And the cupcake craze has been roaring ever since.

Montréal has a few places to indulge in petits gâteaux (aka cupcakes), and Les Glaceurs is one of my faves. Nestled in Old Montréal, the city’s most historic district, Les Glaceurs is a colorful boutique of epicurean delight. Using the highest quality of ingredients, their cupcakes are more of an art form than simply a dessert.

I went this morning to indulge in the smell of freshly baked cupcakes (can’t you smell them?) and to take some photos. Check out this tempting little slideshow…

My recommendation: Go to Montréal’s famous Catholic Cathedral, Notre Dame, and confess your wrongdoings. Then cross the street to Les Glaceurs and re-commit a few deadly sins (extravagance, gluttony… and pride!)

My pick: The “Avalanche de brownies” – a cupcake made with Belgian cocoa, glazed with white chocolate, topped with generous brownie chunks and touched with a glaçage of creamy icing. Dee-lish!

Les Glaceurs
453 rue Saint-Sulpice

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