Hidden Hotspot #1: Drawn & Quarterly

Posted on April 14th, 2009 by .

About five years ago, I traded in my old Batman comic books for graphic novels. Maybe it’s just because as you get older, you feel something like Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, which tells the story of a young girl living in Tehran, might be a little closer to your everyday life than a man with a black leather costume whose job description includes saving the world and fighting evil people.
Located on Bernard Street in Mile End, nestled between Parc Avenue and St. Laurent, Drawn & Quarterly is the kind of bookstore where you sneak in and admire the shelves filled with their own charming indie books, and simply browse through the collection trying to find the one calls that your name and says “bring me home.” And you usually leave the place with a stack of new graphic novels, ready to spend your next rainy Sunday morning reading in bed with coffee and pillows.

Oh, and D&Q is celebrating its 20th anniversary this summer, with TV on the Radioand the Dirty Projectors (if you haven’t listened to TV on the Radio before, you definitely should. “Dancing Choose” and “Golden Age” are brilliant indie dancing tracks), on June 3rd at the Métropolis. I’ll see you there!

Drawn & Quarterly¨
211 Bernard Street W.

View more photos of Drawn & Quarterly on my Flickr account.

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