Hidden Hotspot #3: La Quincaillerie

Posted on June 8th, 2009 by .

Our poor lonesome cowboy sometimes needs a place to go, like in those old westerns, whenever he feels like drinking Scotch and meeting up with friends. After several years of unfaithful affairs with other bars, La Quincaillerie remains the best alternative for successful Wednesday nights.
If bars were best friends, La Quincaillerie would be my sidekick from high school. The one who listened to all my (failing) relationship stories, my worries at work and school, my frustrations about life. The one, even though we lost sight of each other for many years, I can go back to knowing it’ll be just like old times. The one who always understands me and offers his support with the best Scotch in the world.
Actually, it’s not just the place itself; it’s also the bartenders and the other lone cowboys who make the joint a whole experience. Year after year, people come and go, but the regulars stay. Marie-Christine holds the bar every Wednesday night, and every Wednesday night we’ve made it a ritual to spend the evening discussing what’s going on around town. She’s now a friend I see regularly outside La Quincaillerie; we attend concerts, exhibitions and performances together. So, if you stop by and see a charming, black-haired young girl who’s a little cynical (I guess that’s why we’re good friends), say hi from me. And if you spot a shy boy at the bar, with glasses and a black tie, you might not be able to tell, but he’s a wonderful writer who spins poetry with a typewriter.

Some of the people at La Quincaillerie would make great characters for a story, but the best thing about it is that they’re not characters, they’re real. Another big plus: It’s located right next to La Banquise, which means that whenever you feel like getting a serving of Montréal’s best poutine, it’s just five steps away. Enjoy the night, it’s going to end late. Really, really late.

La Quincaillerie
980 Rachel St.E.

View more photos of La Quincaillerie on my Flickr account.

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