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Montreal’s Just for Laughs comedy festival is re-branding April 1st as “April Serious Day” and offering over 1500 tickets at the insane price of $5 and up. The second part of the stunt, which is pretty hilarious, is a 50% off sale on $10 bills…

For a festival concerned with jokes all-year-long, it makes sense that Just For Laughs is “announcing the death of April Fools Day and the launching of a new annual celebration: April Serious Day”.

April Serious Day, which is Friday, April 1, 2011, 10am-2pm, involves 2 different promotions:

The first is a sale on tickets in the Grand Hall in the lobby of Place des Arts. The ticket price is pay-what you can, with a base of $5 for administrative fees. One pair per customer. From big-name Galas to the ever-popular Nasty Show, there’s surely going to be something up your alley. I mean, $5 for a night of comedy? Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

The second part of the promotion makes those ticket prices even sweeter: a 50%-off Sale on $10 bills. At the same location and during the same hours, people can buy one of “500 crisp, new $10 bills for only $5.00”. I’m no genius, but I think that’s a good deal.

No phone, no Internet, you’ve got to show up in person. And I’d show up early.


Place des Arts, 175 Sainte-Catherine Street West,  (514) 842-2112

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