Homemade Cupcakes in Montréal – at last!

Posted on March 10th, 2009 by .


After much anticipation, the cupcake trend finally hit Montréal a few years go. And while there’s no such thing as a bad cupcake, my favourite place to get these little mouthfuls of joy is Cocoa Locale. Here, you can chat with baker Reema Singh as she removes the freshly-baked cakes from the ovens, and as you try to decide which funky flavour you want.


My favourite is the chocolate-chai cupcake. It may be a little heavy on the butter for some, but it’s deliciously peppery and spicy, with a lovely Valhrona chocolate finish. But beware, the more popular flavours sell out quickly!

Cupcakes are $3 each.
Cakes for 4-6 people go for $8 to $10.
Cakes for 8-10 people cost $15 to $17. Now that’s a sweet deal!
Cocoa Locale
4807 Park Avenue

Business Hours
Tuesday to Saturday: Noon to 6 pm

Thanks to Youtuber Yojememoi for the video!

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