Hot Lesbian (Haircut) Action

Posted on June 16th, 2009 by .

We humans are a creative bunch. We like to pair things together; we like duets and combinations.
For instance, Clamato Juice – who ever saw a glass of tomato juice and thought, “Do you know would go good with that? Shellfish!” But it works (and incidentally, I’m starting to crave a Bloody Caesar now). But I digress.
Here in Montréal we have our own bizarre combos, such as poutine (potatoes, cheese curds and gravy) or Nickels restaurant (Celine Dion meets greasy spoon), but few compare to the kick-assness that is “Bikurious” –a bike repair shop and lesbian hair salon.
Join me as I get a Lesbian haircut…
The brains (and clippers) behind the “lesbian haircut” is JJ Levine. Back in 2006, JJ was just cutting hair for friends at a bike-repair shop that her (then) girlfriend owned. After being approached numerous times by strangers looking for a trim, she grabbed a piece of plywood and a sharpie, and she wrote these words:
Little did she know that 3 years later, her little lesbian haircutting gig would be infamous among all the cool queers in Montréal; attracting gay and straight, young and old, Montréalers and visitors.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. So I grabbed my lipstick lesbian friend and a camera, and I headed down to the shop.

When visiting Montréal, if you don’t need to get yer (bike) gears lubed, then maybe a little lesbionic stylistic makeover could be in order.
The shop is grudgy-chic.
Don’t expect a scalp massage.
Beard-trimming available.
Lesbian Haircuts for Anyone
514-625-HAIR (appointments required)
1757 rue Amherst
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