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Hotel Herman is not the kind of hotel where you can reserve a room. In fact, it’s not a hotel at all. What it is is a great restaurant that just opened its doors a few months ago in the heart of the Mile End neighbourhood…

Upon entering Hotel Herman, you are welcomed by the imposing U-shaped bar that extends from the open kitchen in the back all the way to the front of the dining room. It pulls you into the space and makes you want to sit down and linger.The space has been completely redone in an industrial chic style. Unfinished wood floors meet brick walls, industrial lights, tin ceilings and cement tables. All of these rough materials manage to somehow create a welcoming and warm space.

The three young owners of this handsome restaurant – chef Marc-Alexandre Mercier, Dominic Goyet and Ariane Lacombe (front of the house) – all met working in some of Montreal’s hottest kitchens, including Reservoir and La salle à manger. They are a definite contribution to the sense of welcome that this “hotel” exudes. Their enthusiasm and passion are undeniable whether they are helping you with a wine pairing from their list of biodynamic ones or dishing out some very creative and beautiful plates. Sit back, relax and let the magic begin.

The menu at Hotel Herman is comprised of several dishes listed with no apparent distinction between appetizers and main meals. Most of them are appetizer size but large enough to be shared. Some of the heartier dishes located at the end of the list are a bit more consistent. I recommend sharing a few of the dishes because you will have a hard time choosing and you will want to taste several of them.

I tasted 5 dishes while I was there and loved every single one of them. Chef Mercier’s clever pairing of flavours and textures and the perfect execution of every dish is remarkable. If I had to play favourites though, I have to say though that I fell hard for the chilled corn soup with roasted tomatoes as well as the warm king mushroom salad with sweet onion puree, snails and garlic chips. Since the menu changes often according to market availabilities, these dishes may not be available when you go but whatever will be available will surely be just as delicious.



Hôtel Herman, 5171 St-Laurent Boulevard, (514) 278-7000


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