How to host a party: MEC PLUS ULTRA

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MEC PLUS ULTRA (or MPU) is my pick for “Best out-of-village gay party.” It is a monthly party held in Montreal’s hippest neighborhood, the Plateau where guys gather to have a drink and mingle. The organizers know how to throw a party.

I chatted with one of the event organizers, Julien De Repentigny, about his definition of “MPU”, what’s in store for future events and how to approach your evening crush…

Daniel: What is ‘MEC PLUS ULTRA’ to you (the person who helped conceptualized the event)?

Julien: A place where young, cool professionals can meet other people that happen to be gay as well.

D: It started as a small event and has grown. What’s next?

J: At the beginning, we were on Sundays. Our first night was about 185 people, now we get around 500 to 600 people on Fridays and Saturdays, we want to go for bigger bands and live performances. Our event it really based around music.

D: What’s the best way for a “first timer” to introduce himself to the cute boy on the other side of the pool table?

J: First, do you have a friend in common at MEC PLUS ULTRA? Everybody knows everybody so it’s easy to get introduced. Second just sum up your courage and say hi, god knows I do it all the time and I’ve never got a bad response 😉


The Spot: Belmont Bar (4483 Saint Laurent Boulevard)
The Beats: Electropop
The Date: Monthly (next event is Friday, October 23 @ 10pm)*
The Drink: Gin & Tonic

*Each month the boys who organize invite a guest to host the party. This time they’ve asked me. So if you are town, come on out and say hi!

Insider Tip: Before the event, check out La Cantine at 212 Mont-Royal East. It’s a unique Quebecois dining experience (circa the 1960s) that’s a stone throw from Belmont Bar where MPU goes down.

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