How to Spend a day like a Princess in Montreal!

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Warning: The following article will either make you very jealous or inspire you to book the next flight to Montreal. Every woman deserves at least one day a year when she can treat herself like a princess. You work hard, clean, cook, are a devoted mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, child, friend… The time has come to take some time for yourself and have fun, like royalty!


With its European charm, cobblestone streets, relaxing atmosphere, and amazing array of spas, restaurants and hotels, Montreal has everything for the perfect Princess Getaway. In the spirit of investigative journalism, however, I decided to check it out for myself and invite two of my dearest friends for some princess pampering in Montreal. Take a look at how we spent the day!

First Stop: Spa Scandinave Les Bains Vieux-Montréal: SPA SCANDINAVE LES BAINS VIEUX-MONTREAL is located, as its name says, in Old Montreal, facing Habitat 67 and the St-Lawrence River. This spa is dedicated to enhancing health, well-being and relaxation through the benefits of water. The principle of the Scandinavian baths is that you must first heat your body in a pool of hot water or sauna, then you dip your body in cold water. It’s quite cold, but trust me, it feels so great after. The spa also has a very soothing room for relaxation and temperature regulation.
While you’re there, I strongly suggest you also sign up for a Baltic massage. I must say it was the best massage I have ever received. EVER. How does it work? Depending on your mood, you pick an essential oil as the theme of your massage. Since I chose an Indian theme, I was rubbed with rice until my muscles had melted and my skin was perfectly soft. 75 minutes full minutes of absolute heaven. Then you get rinsed under hot-water jets, without you having to move a muscle. This is more than a massage, it’s an experience. A MUST!
Next Up: Cinderella Carriage: As we stepped out of Spa Scandinave Les Bains Vieux-Montréal and onto the beautiful and historic streets of Old Montreal, I realized to what point my incredible massage had left me jello-like. And why not continue relaxing? Marianne, Caroline and I decided to hop into one of the many horse carriages that tour the area. Having a chauffeur is mandatory for any true princess, so why not go all the way?
Tour bus? White horse with pink hair? Tour bus? White horse with pink hair? Don’t you like it when answers come to you so easily! Off we went to discover a whole bunch of Montreal landmarks, thanks to our informative driver.We even got to stop for ice cream and beaver tails on De La Commune Street, right next to Place Jacques-Cartier. Don’t forget to bring your camera and leave the diet at home!
Step 3: Refreshments at Pois Penché: Touring the sites on a horse-drawn carriage is enough to work up an appetite… for champagne. While Montreal is home to countless great places for cocktails and bubbly, I was in the mood for a typically French bistro, POIS PENCHÉ. With Edith Piaf singing in the background, lavish red décor, and a wonderful patio… It’s ideal for a princess’ Vie en Rose!
(Ok, the video evidence will indicate that I also had a delicious mid-afternoon snack while I was there. What can I say? By definition, a princess is meant to indulge!)
Last Stop: Hotel Loews Vogue Montreal: At the very heart of downtown Montreal is the LOEWS VOGUE HOTEL, which is known for being posh, plush and princess-worthy. Three-hundred thread-count sheets, queen canopy beds, impeccable room service (including 24-hour in-room dining),  personal ipod docks, delicious Mediterranean cuisine, 24-hour gym, valet parking, and… Need I go on? Plus the hotel offers a GETAWAY PACKAGE AT SCANDINAVE LES BAINS VIEUX-MONTREAL.

After settling in, we decided to dress up in our finest and order room service. Mini crab burgers, steak, scallops and salmon, followed by crème brulée, ice cream and chocolate cake! Divine!
Other touches that I especially appreciated: The rooms have very spacious bathrooms – particularly interesting to ladies like me who like to linger in the bath. Plus, they carry a special line of bamboo bath products, which was a nice change from the usual shampoos and conditioners you get at hotels.

Princess Conclusions: Ladies, you owe it to yourself! A day like this is sure to leave you with a clear mind and a completely rejuvenated body. You’ll be fully ready to head back home and continue being the superwoman that you are (to the great appreciation of your boyfriend, family, friends and colleagues). And, if you’re not convinced just yet, check out the TOP 10 REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD GO ON A GIRLS GETAWAY. That should seal the deal!

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